Friday, October 28, 2011

Kanebo Lavshuca Moist makeup base + 3D eyeshadow [Swatches]

[Haul + Swatches]

Last month, when ming[miwitch] was sent to Hongkong (for work), she didn't know whether she got time to shop around but "die die" MUST get some Lavshuca lipsticks(lolx)... so I told her I want the moist makeup base and a "green" eyeshadow palette from the brand. ^,~

I've tried their pore concealing makeup base and I like it.... so I'm feel like trying their moist version.

The texture of the makeup base was really similar to the pore concealing makeup base(Just abit moist). The color was in light pink shade.. but it doesn't make your face look pale or anything after blending out and absorbed into the skin. It does brighten up the complexion abit :)

OK, let compare both Pore concealing and Moist makeup base...

Pore Concealing Makeup Base is in beige tone.. it doesn't have much coverage, but it does minimize pores and even out complexion.

Both bases feel kinda like RMK makeup base.. but without the silicone feel and less "wet"

Lavshuca 3D eyeshadow palette in GN-1

Taken With flash...

Below taken without flash

I can't remember how much both products cost.. think it's around HK$79-$88 (Which was less then SD$14 each)