Thursday, October 13, 2011

Hair color : Touching up without bleaching


My sister wedding is around the corner(coming Sat) and I decided to touch up my hair (cos I have super sleek black hair roots)... I want somethings similar to what I have now, not going to do dye or crazy colors, incase I fail(lolx)

I got the Liese bubble hair color in Sweet Apricot (The box color so nice right, if only the colorant is in this tone :b)

OK.. here the before and after pics of my hair...

Before (Top)
Black and look oily right (My black hair always look oily even when it wasn't oily at all!! )

After (Top)
It lighten my black root...
(well, still can see that the lighten part of my hair still look lighter, but it took of the stark line from blk to copper (right?)

(Before) The side ...
(Pls excuse my messy room - )


My hair color look abit darker(just a tiny bit) and more coppery as compare to before, where it was more of a yellowish brown under sunlight. And my hair look much brighter.

Liese bubble hai color is pretty good (I like),  because it's easy to use, got nice selection of colors, not drying, and it feel like "hair mask" my hair still feel silky soft and smooth after 3 days of shampoo~ing without conditioner.

Watsons having promotion - I got it at SD$17.90 ($2 discount)