Genifique eye youth activating eye concentrate [Review]

Received the duluxe sample size of Lancome Genifique eye youth activating eye concentrate (5ml) during the Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells bloggers session.

Normally, retail size eyecream should be around 15ml which can last around 3 to 4months. So, 5ml can last around 1-2mths (depending on how much I use.)

Having been using this for afew weeks... (start using this around September) and I like it!! (I'll tell you why after some explaination and details of this eyecream)

I love trying out different type of eyecreams, because... I cant go by a day without applying it... my eyelids will became really really dry, itchy, skin will turn red and start to swell.

All I need was a soothing, moisturizing and not too greasy eyecream... must at least calm my itchy eyelids (I have eczema skin condition) So far, my fave would be "The Body Shop Wisewoman eyecream"

Althought I have purplish dark circles due sinus(lack of blood circulation) .. but I don't really mind if the eyecream can't lighten it(I just try to sleep more and breathe thru my nose rather then mouth(which I'm so used to it now- lolx)


The texture of the eyecream does look abit like a wetter version of silicon base primer (And indeed this contain abit of silicon!! Which is good at filling up gaps.. like fine lines and wrinkles.)

Spreading out... It apply really smoothly around the eye areas without being too creamy, thick nor drying.

When spreading out the eyecream(before blending/absorb)... can see that the cream cover up the visible texture of the back of my hand.

I have really deep fine lines under my eyes.. without moisturizing eyecream, my eyes will look really really tired :(

The cream on my under eye... before spreading/absorbing. This is not a concealer or primer.. it wont look like that once it absorbed.

Ingredients list...

Mini review:::::
->>>> Doesn't feel drying at all nor irritate my skin.
->>>> I like the creamy yet not so rich nor greasy texture.
Easy to spread around the eye areas without tugging the skin.
->>>> After using it for a weeks, I notice that the skin around my eyes look smoother (it look younger, not so tired as before) and feel softer too.
->>>> I still can see my fine lines. I know, this isn't a miracle products, it's just made the fine lines look less dry and deep.
When I just start using this eyecream, I have some creases near my left nose bridge due to rubbing(suffering a case of itchy eye for a few days(cant stop rubbing it.. I know it's bad.. but my sinus is getting worse and it making my eye itchy plus some minor migraine... hai~) and after using the eyecream day and night for afew days, the creases(fine lines) was gone!! Yippee~
Edit: (forgot to mention this) I think this work very well on newly formed creases/fine lines. More suitable for younger skin.. to help maintaining/preventing.
->>>> Very soothing and moisturizing.
->>>> Didnt cause any milia seeds under my eyes

->>>> I used this eyecream twice daily, before heading out and at night(after shower).
->>>> Didnt notice any lightening of dark circle.
Over all, the area around my eyes does look abit radiant. (the dark circles still there, but the overall complexion look much better)

Well, I have no complains on this eyecream except the price tag! (It's USD$59... not too sure how much this cost in Singapore)


Thanks all for now ^,~