Further discount on Gransenbon Gran blushes @ BHG


I was checking out BHG sales and saw that Gransenbon blushes are having additional $1 off from the discount price of SD$15!

If you have read Iris's blog, you would have know by now that Gransenbon has been discontinued. That explain the discount and no worry, these blushes have expiry date up to 2014/2015.

I got shade #4... but when I open up at home, I dont think it's the No4 I want (it's not as orange as I remember... and it should be alot darker as compare to shade #11. Cos, when I compare it to my shade #11.. it's lighter!)

It look more like Shade #12 (cos I opened up a new piece(at BHG) to look at the shade as there are no tester). Oh well... this is still a pretty coral pink (maybe they labelled it wrongly).. so do open up and check the item before you purchase ^_^

Edit: According to Iris (click here for her closeup on all the shades), the testers (@ Clementi BHG) were mix up for shade #4 and #9.  (Cos shade #9 is the bright shimmery orange shade that I want! ^,~)


That's all for now ^,~