Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sleek Nude collection : Au Naturel i-divine palette and Suede Blush [Swatches]

I ordered Sleek Nude collection palette and blush

I'm not crazy about neutral shades, unless it for blending, transition, crease or as brow highlight color... but one of the shade lure me into getting it... was "MOSS" (I know... I already have quite afew olive range type of shade but I really don't have anything similar to this one!! I think... lolx)

Taken without flash

Taken with flash

Ingredients list

swatches in various lighting (these are dry swatches without any base)

The top half of the palette were full of light creamy matte shades(except Taupe, it's a frosty).. which would be good for crease, brows and highlight.. it's not crazily pigmented, but creamy and smooth enough for blending. Some of the shades turn out quite pretty and I'm surprised that I actually liking it (I like cappuccino, honeycomb and toast!!!)

Close up... check out "Moss", such a pretty color... and "Regal" a hidden gem for me (I like I like~)

Next Suede Blush

OOoh... nice nude shade... abit peachy right?

When I first look at Suede, I thought it look quite similar to Barry M's terracotta!

Comparison swatches...

Turn out Barry M terracotta was much reddish as compare to Sleek Suede!
Happy that it wasn't anyway near similar!!!