Leaders Clinic Collagen Infusion Essential Mask (Review)

Received these masks from Serenity Allure around late July and only start using it around mid August 2011.

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Ingredients list....

A marine Collagen mask.

The mask is made of silk cellulose which will stick and fit well on the face(skin). It's a very thin but very moist mask!

It fit nicely on my face and didn't fall off when I move around, althought the mask was really moist, the essence didn't drip off from my chin.

My mini review after using the mask for a month(A piece per week)
  •  Mask fit nicely on the face(skin)
  • Doesn't have stinging/burning sensation
  • Cooling and smoothing
  • Doesn't cause me any breaking-out (no skin irritation)
  • My face(skin) was instant brighten up when I peel off the mask(but it doesn't last long)
(I believe all sheet mask will brighten up the complexion, because skin was fully hydrated after 20mins of masking)
  • Skin feel soft and supple (A good moisturizing mask)
  • During the 20mins of masking, my face was really cooling and it was really refreshing!
I normally will use toner to wipe off(or wash off with water) the excess of the essence on my skin after peeling off the mask, because  don't like the left over to stay on my skin... since whatever that need to be absorb was already absorbed and also preventing the left over ingredients to cause future damaging on the skin(as some ingredients are photosynthesis')

I donno whether is it my skin has been improving or these facial mask sheets have been getting better with less skin irritation ingredients. Because, most of the masks I've tried this year(2011) are really soothing, nice and didn't have the stinging/burning sensation on my face(where I used to experience on almost all the sheet masks)

I like to believe "Both" ->  good healthy skin and good quality sheet masks!

Price: SD$4.95 per piece / SD$49.95 per box(10pcs)
Available at Guardian and Sephora

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