Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Collective stuff...

Stuff I got during the month of September 2011.... I find that I didn't haul as much as before (I think... *lies*)

Beside, I'm kinda lazy to blog/take pictures of the stuff that I repurchase(blogged) before. Anyway, will be doing reviews on some of the stuff in the above pic(cleanser foam, cleansing oil and base) after I tried it for sometimes.

Oh, last Friday, Sephora ION stock up Urban Decay's 15th Anniversay palette (Yeah! Finally got it!!) Swatches coming up soon.

I also ordered some sleek stuff a couple weeks ago(share shipping with Sara, Joyce, Verlyn and Ming) and I only got 3 item! kekekee...

Urban Decay 15th Anniversay Palette SD$80

naive cleansing oil : Price: SD$16.90

Too Faced On The Prowl value set USD$26 (Ordered thru Michelle's Sephora spree)

Sana Konuka Rice-ceramide Bubble Cleansing Wash (Price: SD$18.90)

Dove Lathering Oil Makeup Remover (Price: SD$17.90)

Hanskin Sun Cream SPF 50+ PA+++ (Got it thru Sophia blog sale : SD$12.50)

Cezanne Brightening makeup base (Price SD$19.50)

MAC Conjure Up mineralize blush and Shiseido Hydro-Powder Eye Shadow in H10 Languid Lagoon (Thru Kimberley blog sale)

Bihada Ichizoku Cheek in Beige


Received this goodies bag from Cleo when we(Verlyn asked me along) attended the Movie Premiere of Abduction @ Plaza Singapore Golden Village.

(The goodies included a big poster of the movie - Taylor Lautner is NOT Johnny Depp!!! lolx)I have been to many Gala Premiere... never once ever receive a goodies bag!!! (I'm loving it.. kekeke.. Free one who dont like, right?!?)

Review on the Perfect beauty serum (a makeup primer) and Dr.Ci:Labo sensitive sunblock coming up soon (have been using both products quite sometimes now)

Plus.. LOTD (I know.. I haven't been doing that lately... my left double eyelid still cut into my inner corner (It's been almost 3months!!!! I hate that, making my eyes look so different!!! One big One small!!!!)

I also attended a girl launch party ... check out the invitation..

Well... that's all for now.