Sunday, August 14, 2011

Vichy Thermal Spa water

Vichy Thermal Spa water is a 100% Pure, preservative and fragrance free facial spray which helps to reduces skin sensitivity.

More about the brand's Vichy and where the thermal water came from....

There are so many Thermal Water sprays in the market.. like La Posay Roche, Avene, Uriage and so on... So, what made Vichy stand out?!?

[From the press release]
Vichy Thermal Spa water in a spray form offers all the therapeutic properties of thermal water with increased effectiveness thanks to its spraying of micro-droplets. The energizing mechanical action of the spray guves the skin a micro massage and thus optimizes the benefits of VICHY thermal spa water. Daily usage will helps to soothe the skin and reinforces its natural defense systems. Skin will become much supple and resistant all congestion is relieved.

The 3 Main Benefits of the Vichy Thermal Spa Water::
-> Soothing - Anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant
-> Fortifying - Strengthens and protects skin tissue against aging
-> Regenerating - Stimulates cell renewal

You can soak up cotton pad(s) with Vichy Spa water to mask it on dry patches on your face/body.. Or soak a piece of dry facial mask(not used type(lolx) and pls don't recycle your used sheet mask!) and use it as a refreshing, soothing, moisturizing mask.

Attended the Vichy Spa Water workshop on Friday(12 Aug 2011) and here are some random shots...

Celebrating VICHY 80th Anniversary, VICHY released 1000 sets of Vichy Thermal Spa Water spray in a special design packaging in Singapore. And what great was that it was selling at a special price of SD$14.90 (62% off) for the twin 150ml pack. [50ml twin pack SD$11.90(40% off)]

Original packaging...

During the event they also talks about Aqualia Thermal range especially the "Aqua Gel"(I will go into details on the range in another entry.)

We all took home a goodies bag..

-> Vichy Aqualia Thermal for sensitive skin mask - 50ml(NEW) (Price: SD$39.90)
-> Vichy Aqualia Thermal Aqua Gel Moisturizer - 50ml(Jar) (Price: SD$48)
-> Vichy Thermal Spa water (50ml) (Price: SD$9.90)
-> Vichy Normaderm Night cream (sample size) (Not for sale)

I grabbed 2 packs of the Vichy Thermal Spa water at NAC Watsons.

Vichy Thermal Spa Water - SD$9.90 for 50ml and SD$19.90 for 150ml (retail price)
VICHY products are available at selected Watsons, Guardian, Unity pharmacies and major hospitals.

There's a VICHY Spa Water Video Contest!!! Just do a clip on how you will use the spa water... be as creative as possible!!

Eg: Spray it on my dogs to break up their thoughts/focusing on bad energy while giving them the goodness of the spa water (hydrate while discipline them!! lolx)

VICHY facebook Page:

Note: This type of product normally took time to show good results and see the benefits in long runs... so dont just give up on it after awhile.

 Products shown above were provided by the company except the Vichy Thermal Spa water Twin packs(bought it at Watsons)
[This is not a review entry]