Sleek, Kate, Vichy, lime crime, Mac and random stuff...

I didn't do much hauling "entries" lately (well, I wanna think that.. cos I still feel like I have been spending non-stop, lolx) and these are some stuff that I guess worth mentioning? (I noticed that most of the stuff I bought were repurchased.. so not going to include it.)

Last Month Iris went to US/UK and so nice of her to help afew of us to CP some stuff (Thank you very much Iris ^_^ and she also included a lip brush! <3 )

Sleek Caribbean collection -Curacao palette (£6.99) and Aruba blush (£4.29)
Sleek Oh So Special Palette (£6.99)
Lime Crime eyeshadow helper (USD$18.50)

swatches of the palettes coming up soon..

The cream was very creamy (I havent try this on my lids yet, and I believe it will be a pretty crease free base... cos the swatches I did at the back of my hand have a "stiff" finishing and it grab/stick on the skin really well!)

Got this Kate lasting high coverage liquid foundation during the Watson buy 2 get 1 free promotion (share it with Verlyn)

This does contain Mineral Oil (so if you have sensitive skin, pls remember to do a swatch test before purchasing) I donno why most kanebo products even skincares do contain mineral oil(I dont mind mineral oil in cleansing oil.. but on skincares and makeup products, I will always think twice and do a swatch test before buying.)

MAC Studio Sculpt SPF15 Foundation for my sis (She love full coverage foundation)
Price: SD$55

TOPSHOP skin glow in light [Price: SD$23]

This have a very pretty pinkish glow.. (Haven't try this on my skin yet.. if this is NICE, I think I will get the dark one- cos the bronze shade also look nice~)

Aquamoist Moisture Cleansing oil (Got this at the CozyCot event) Price: SD$13+(after discount)

Gransenbon Blush in 11 Sugar Marmalade (It a light coral shade- but it was so hard to capture the color on camera)
Price: SD$15 AT BHG (promotion price)


Vichy Night Cream (Price: SD$29) repurchased product.. I just wanna say... I LOVE this alot!!!!!

Eyedrops.. I love using eyedrops/eye's wash cos my eyes are always having irritation cause by my sinus problem!!

And it can be double up as cleanser for eyes to remove all traces of powder/mascara/dust that traps inside the eyelids.(We might not feel or see it.. BUT buildup of dirts are collecting inside!!!!)
Optrex is my favourite!

If you have tried any refreshing eyedrops, do share with me (I'm a non contact lens user- so I can't use lubricant eyedrops meant for contact lens user right? Or I can still use it??)
Thanks Verlyn for this 2 pcs of Hello Kitty - My beauty diary Masks

Preview on the next few upcoming entries...