Leaders Clinic Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pack

Last month received a box of Leaders Clinic Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pack from Serenity Allure.

This is a 2 steps system removing blackheads product.
I like that this came with a pore refining/tightening serum to be use after the nose pores sheet mask.
In the pack, there's 10 sheets of nose sheet mask and a tube 10ml of pore stamping serum.

The nose sheet mask look like a cotton mask pack with sulfur and charcoal (The color was not as black as a normal charcoal sheet mask). Feel pretty soft and easy to paste on and around the nose.

Ingredients list..

Pore Stamping Serum

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
OK after using this for about a month plus... it's time for review!! I used this twice aweek during the first week and then once per week.

Before trying this set of products, I stop using B.liv blackhead out serum for awhile(I wanna see how good this set of products are), but I'm still using the Vichy Normaderm pore refining serum (becos I have sinus and when I sneeze, I will squeeze my nose resulting sebum to stuck inside my pores around my nose and clogged it!!!)

From the pic below, can't see much of the blackheads.. but BELIEVE me.. it's in there!!! I can feel the coarse-ness and see some tiny dots when I paste my face on the mirror! (B.liv help control the sebum ALOT and smooth out the nose texture - that's my HG product!)

Oops, I was standing right under the ceiling light (overexposed).
Just paste like a normal nose sheet - wet the skin around the nose, peel off the plastic protective sheet and paste it on the nose. The nose sheet mask is soft and easy to paste.

I like to leave it on for more then 15mins(until the sheet become super dry and hard) ... so that it can suck out all the sebum that trapped inside the pores.

After removing the sheet... there's some charcoal residues stuck inside the pores.. I just cleanse it off with cleansing water(you can use your normal toner to wipe it off too).

(I'm using flash in this pic.. cos when I took one without flash, I cant see the residues clearly -my lens cant focus well!!!)

Ready to see some gross images???

Still can't see it... ok... side view...

It solidify the sebum trapped inside the pores and pull it out when I peel off the sheet mask. When I use my finger lightly touching it.. it melts off.

This kinda reminds me of Heal Pharm Nose pore cleaning sheet.. but a less strong and sticky version. (I still prefer Heal Pharm cos it was much "stronger" as compare to this.) Both feel quite similar... it just that Heal Pharm can suck out more gunk!!!

After applying the serum...

  • Serum feel nice and light .... it just a safe feeling that I didn't leave my cleansed pores out in the open! (lolx)
  • Doesn't irritate my skin (BUT when I first using the serum, it doesn't make my skin itch abit. But I have no problems after that.
  • Doesn't feel sticky nor greasy.
  • Absorbed really well into the skin with a soft velvety finishing. (Very similar to Vichy Normaderm Pore refining serum)
Anyway, normally after using a nose sheet, I will cleanse, tone and apply B.liv blackhead out serum or Vichy pore refining serum... it works pretty much the same. But for lazy peoples (like me) or someone who dont like to own various types of serums... This 2step system is a good buy. Because both products surely cost alot more as compare to this Korean 2 steps Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pack.

So I suggest if you have finished the pore sheet masks...
  • you can use whatever nose's sheet mask you like and pair it with this serum.
  • Or purchase this pack again and keep on using the serum on daily basis for minimizing pores and sebum control. (It's cheaper then alot of pores minimizing serum.)
Normal for a 30ml serum(like the B.liv blackhead out serum), it last me about 6 to 8mths... so for a 10ml serum it will last around 2 to 3mths. For less then SD$18 for 10pcs of nose sheet masks + 10ml serum.. it's really a good bargain. (Becos only use a tiny amount of the serum on nose and chin areas.)

Leaders Clinic is a Korea Brand.
This product was made in Korea.
Price: SD$17.90 per box
Available @ Guardian Pharmacies (Singapore)

Disclaimer: Product was provided by Serenity Allure (Singapore distributor for Leaders Clinic) for reviewing.