Tuesday, August 02, 2011

For Beloved One : Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask

For Beloved One, Taiwan’s top-selling skincare brand, has been launched their masks exclusively at Sephora Singapore on 30th June 2011.

For Beloved One is a Popular Taiwanese cosmeceutical skincare brand which is well-known for its pioneering invention of the bio-cellulose mask, applying medical bio-fibers into the beauty field for the first time. The bio-cellulose mask has earned accolades and is ‘praised’ by cosmetic surgeons and has received many acclamations from major media.

For Beloved One: Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask is a mask that effectively whiten skin, improve flaws and wrinkles, moisturize skin to enhance absorption of essence to guarantee fair and tender skin and long lasting whitening results.

This is the world’s first “Melasleep Whitening Bio-Cellulose Mask”, the star product among all their other products.  It achieved great popularity selling over million units since its launch.

Star ingredients of this mask::
  • Melaclear-2 is a lightening ingredient that removes pigments softly by eliminating strongly pigmented surface cells through enzymatic actions
  •  Lumiskin is an extraordinary new antioxidant product it gives dramatic results in controlling melanin(the pigment that makes skin darker). Adjusts the concentration of calcium ions and keeps tyrosinase in a non-active state to avoid the formation of melanin.
  • Matrixyl is a peptide used in skin care products to help reduce wrinkles and fine lines.It can activate the fibroblasts in the dermis, release collagen secretion and improve aging problem caused by sun exposure.
Not forgetting their innovative “microbial fermentation and organic bio-cellusose mask” makes them(For Beloved One) the leading experts in the whitening field.

They mainly use the “complex microbial community”, which is the finest biological fiber in nature (maximum diameter is only 20 nanos, 1/133 of the one in a traditional nonwoven facial mask) and has been certified by American FDA (Food and Drug Administration), to make the masks.

The 3-dimentional nano reticular fiber spontaneously looks for folds in skin ridges and fine lines and penetrates high-efficiency treatment serum into skin, increasing micro-circulation and absorption. It is currently the most recommended material by skin doctors for smart facial masks.

The essence of this mask is milky white, not your usual clear essence. It feel creamy after I peel the mask off from the 2 protective sheets.. it still have alot of essence left on the semi-transparent paper foil sheets...

I applied the left over essence on my elbows and neck.

My bare face after shower...

During the day I took these pics, I was suffering from serious flu which cause the skin between my lips and nose to be very dry, flaky, red and painful.

The mask was really cooling and it will become more and more cooling..so I covered my eyes and rest on the bed for 20mins(relaxing!)

After 20mins... I took off the mask, still can see alot of essence sticking on my face..

According to Niu Er, he mention that we have to rinse off the excess after masking "Whitening Mask" unless it stated that we dont need to rinse it off) But to play safe(cos my skin don't react too well on "whitening stuff(except sunblock and cleanser- I know weird right)), I use a damp cotton pad to wipe off the excess.... before applying my normal skincare products.

I don't see any instant whitening, but I do notice lightening in redness around my cheek areas(which always so pinkish).. the pics can't really tell much cos I took these pics at night with indoor lighting(and it seem like the before pic are more brighter then this!).

Skin feel abit smoother, refresh, soothing and pretty moisturizing...

Check out the below pics.. the flaky and dry skin inbetween my nose and lips are more hydrated.. it
still feel dry and coarse. But not as painful as before.

Because of the Bio-cellulose (nano-scale fiber) mask... the essence are sealed in between my skin and the mask.. so I can ensure that the essence only have one way to go(into my skin and not evaporated into the air), even if I mask it abit longer, I will not afraid that the moisture will be suck out by the "paper mask" cos the Bio-cellulose nano-scale fiber, doesn't absorb moisture as fast as paper.

I rested about 7days inbetween before I use another mask.. and once again, I don't see any whitening effect on my skin.  Just a more brighten and even complexion.(Maybe becos I was already fair enough?? But my face is darker then my body... so I believe that I still can go abit more fairer! lolx)

For once, I didn't apply any skincare after masking to see whether my skin will feel dry or tight... it didn't, my skin was pretty hydrated(even in air-con room) and feel really soft and smooth. (I love the texture of my skin after masking)

Personally, I think the whitening essence was pretty normal... but the Bio-cellulose mask is excellent. It just lock everythings inside while masking and becos of that, my skin doesn't lost any moisture during the 20mins of masking!

And I don't have the need to mask as often when I'm using this mask.

Country of origin : Taiwan
Suitable for all skin type
Price: SD$63.00

Available Exclusively at Sephora Singapore

I know this is not a cheap mask... Abox of 3 masks(about SD$21 per piece) was abit too much. If you willing to spend abit more, this might be a good mask to try.

I'm not affiliated with the company.
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