Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Canmake Candy Wrap Lip [Swatches]

Received these Lipglosses during the CANMAKE 1st girly, pop and shiny media party.

Come in 4 shades from nude, coral, pink to red.

The lip glosses feel abit thick, but not so sticky. and I kinda need a few application to get a more event shade on bare lips. (Excuse my dry lips... it feel abit tight when I'm trying to swatch the lip glosses)

For the swatches of #01 and #02 - because of the gloss was really glossy + flash + resizing pics.. the pixel got mess up and resulting in color lost on the top inner lips.... Please excuse that :(

Shade #02 and #03 look rather similar.. but in real..
#02 have look rather peachy(it just didn't capture well on camera)
#03 is pretty pinky nude.. very natural.

I'm wearing shade #03 (Left: with flash/ Right: without flash)

#04 is a red gloss - but it not as red's RED... it's more of a diluted Red tone.. it would look nicer if layer it ontop of a lip color.

The top left pics.. (the lips swatches - took without flash)

Do moisturize you lips before and after wearing these glosses- it might be abit drying.
All lips swatches were taken with "flash"
Those taken without flash ... the colors look so wash out and all the shades(except #04) look quite similar(lolx)

That's all for NOW,
and if you wanna know... I'm loving shade #02 (Me love coral, peachy lips shade)
Disclaimer: Products were provided by CANMAKE for trying out/reviewing.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

MAC Posh Paradise Collection for Fall 2011 - PAINTPOTS!

When I was drafting the previous entry of my MAC haul... I stop by "Temptalia on your guide to upcoming MAC collections".... and came across MAC Posh Paradise Collection which will be releasing around Oct 2011 (International)

It have a large collection of "PAINTPOT"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE Paintpot!!!! (kekekee)

I so wanna get Treasure Hunt, Nubile, Genuine Treasure, Pure Creation and Imaginary!!! (That's 5 paintpots!!!! Must keep a lookout on MAC spree!!!!!) Idyllic-Maybe(kekekee)
Check out the rest of the collection @ Temptalia

MAC Styledriven and MAC Me Over Fall collections [Haul]

I was around Bugis yesterday and decided to pop by BHG to check out the new Ettusiais BBcream and powder... BUT... i got suck into MAC!!!
The newly opened outlet.. bright lighting and NEW Collection!!! Frankly, I haven't been following MAC releases... so I was totally clueless about what's the lastest collection and then I saw this...
(Click to enlarge the pic)

MAC Styledriven Collection for Fall 2011 -
16 Prolong eyeshadow shades -  (I was so lost that I didn't know which one to get..good thing was that this is a permanent collection - I can get it anytime I want!)

After I pick one shade and made payment (thinking to myself that I'm being a good girl... and when I walk over to the over side of the store.. I saw the huge collection of "MAC Me Over"!!!!)

I was kinda interested in some of the shadesticks... hmmm...

I forgot to took a close up of the quad in the above pic :(

Close up on the quad ..

And the Fluidlines...
(Top L to R : Dark Diversion and Midnight Blues)
(Bottom L to R : Avenue and Dark Envy)

Check out the full colllection at temptalia
Midnight Blues and Dark Envy look rather similar(just abit darker) to the previous limited editon of Ivy and Siahi )
All the testers were NEW or near mint condition.. because they just open/displayed yesterday!!!!!!!
I damaged the Avene fluidline :b
Anyway... I didn't have a swatch fest yesterday... I just swatched the one I think I will like... Aiya.. too much "sleek" ... most of the shades were dupable. (I just get the one that I think I will use often cos I love MAC shadows cos it don't crease badly on me)
<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
And guess what I bought home???

Outre eyeshadow from the MAC me over collection (Price: SD$28)

This is a matte finishing and the color was quite strong and pigmented... this look like a nice crease/transition color ... my SOBA is almost finishing!!!! (I love soba.. that was a satin finishing and it go so well with any colors)

Swatches with various lighting...

MAC Pro longwear Plush eyeshadow (satin finishing) Price: SD$39

swatches in various lighting...

MAC Me Over - Avenue Fluidline .. A Charcoal black with gold pearlized pigments (it look more like black browisholive gold) (Love at first swatch- lolx)
Price: SD$28

This look rather similar to MAC Blackline pearlglide eyeliner!! Blackline is a black base with moss green shimmers, where Avenue is a Charcoal black base with bronzy gold(?) shimmers.

Swatches in various lighting and comparison swatch with MAC PearlGlide eyeliner in BlackLine

That's all for now ^,~

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Leaders Clinic Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pack

Last month received a box of Leaders Clinic Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pack from Serenity Allure.

This is a 2 steps system removing blackheads product.
I like that this came with a pore refining/tightening serum to be use after the nose pores sheet mask.
In the pack, there's 10 sheets of nose sheet mask and a tube 10ml of pore stamping serum.

The nose sheet mask look like a cotton mask pack with sulfur and charcoal (The color was not as black as a normal charcoal sheet mask). Feel pretty soft and easy to paste on and around the nose.

Ingredients list..

Pore Stamping Serum

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
OK after using this for about a month plus... it's time for review!! I used this twice aweek during the first week and then once per week.

Before trying this set of products, I stop using B.liv blackhead out serum for awhile(I wanna see how good this set of products are), but I'm still using the Vichy Normaderm pore refining serum (becos I have sinus and when I sneeze, I will squeeze my nose resulting sebum to stuck inside my pores around my nose and clogged it!!!)

From the pic below, can't see much of the blackheads.. but BELIEVE me.. it's in there!!! I can feel the coarse-ness and see some tiny dots when I paste my face on the mirror! (B.liv help control the sebum ALOT and smooth out the nose texture - that's my HG product!)

Oops, I was standing right under the ceiling light (overexposed).
Just paste like a normal nose sheet - wet the skin around the nose, peel off the plastic protective sheet and paste it on the nose. The nose sheet mask is soft and easy to paste.

I like to leave it on for more then 15mins(until the sheet become super dry and hard) ... so that it can suck out all the sebum that trapped inside the pores.

After removing the sheet... there's some charcoal residues stuck inside the pores.. I just cleanse it off with cleansing water(you can use your normal toner to wipe it off too).

(I'm using flash in this pic.. cos when I took one without flash, I cant see the residues clearly -my lens cant focus well!!!)

Ready to see some gross images???

Still can't see it... ok... side view...

It solidify the sebum trapped inside the pores and pull it out when I peel off the sheet mask. When I use my finger lightly touching it.. it melts off.

This kinda reminds me of Heal Pharm Nose pore cleaning sheet.. but a less strong and sticky version. (I still prefer Heal Pharm cos it was much "stronger" as compare to this.) Both feel quite similar... it just that Heal Pharm can suck out more gunk!!!

After applying the serum...

  • Serum feel nice and light .... it just a safe feeling that I didn't leave my cleansed pores out in the open! (lolx)
  • Doesn't irritate my skin (BUT when I first using the serum, it doesn't make my skin itch abit. But I have no problems after that.
  • Doesn't feel sticky nor greasy.
  • Absorbed really well into the skin with a soft velvety finishing. (Very similar to Vichy Normaderm Pore refining serum)
Anyway, normally after using a nose sheet, I will cleanse, tone and apply B.liv blackhead out serum or Vichy pore refining serum... it works pretty much the same. But for lazy peoples (like me) or someone who dont like to own various types of serums... This 2step system is a good buy. Because both products surely cost alot more as compare to this Korean 2 steps Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pack.

So I suggest if you have finished the pore sheet masks...
  • you can use whatever nose's sheet mask you like and pair it with this serum.
  • Or purchase this pack again and keep on using the serum on daily basis for minimizing pores and sebum control. (It's cheaper then alot of pores minimizing serum.)
Normal for a 30ml serum(like the B.liv blackhead out serum), it last me about 6 to 8mths... so for a 10ml serum it will last around 2 to 3mths. For less then SD$18 for 10pcs of nose sheet masks + 10ml serum.. it's really a good bargain. (Becos only use a tiny amount of the serum on nose and chin areas.)

Leaders Clinic is a Korea Brand.
This product was made in Korea.
Price: SD$17.90 per box
Available @ Guardian Pharmacies (Singapore)

Disclaimer: Product was provided by Serenity Allure (Singapore distributor for Leaders Clinic) for reviewing.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC anti-fatigue serum for tired skin

Recently attended the Biotherm Skin-Ergetic anti-fatigue serum previewing session.

And today (26 August 2011), Biotherm will be launching their new Skin-Ergetic anti-fatigue serum targetting for tired skin. A serum containing powerful anti-oxidant ingredients.

The serum contains a list of wonderful ingredients that I will LOVE to have in my skincare products! Like;Soy and Sugarcane (Both are quite famous for it soothing factor!!!!)
(click to enlarge the pic)

Ingredients list of Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC anti-fatigue serum.
  •  99% of the ingredients are from natural origin
  •  fragrance is of 100% natural origin
  •  No parabens (preservatives)
  •  No mineral oil
  •  No artifical colors

The main "fresh" ingredients of this serum is "Broccoli" (I love broccoli - it's comfort food for my tummy and for it high anti-oxidant factor.)

Broccolisulforaphane-rice broccoli extract) is instability in "liquid" form... so Biotherm's biologist seperate the broccoli extract, made it into powder form to ensure it freshness. Only add(activate it) into the serum when we are about to use it, and it can last for a good 3 months. (That's good enough for me, cos normally for me a 30ml serum last about 1 and a half month)

The 3 simple step -> Click -> Shake -> Apply in action

Witness the power

But "Why does tired skin matter"? That was because with tired skin, we tend to look much older plus we will be experiencing all kinds of skin's problems! We dont want that right? (lolx)

So with this serum, it can fight all major skin problems. kinda like a Do-it-all serum. We dont need a seperate pore refining or cell regeneration serum. Cos with SKIN.ERGETIC, it solves all problems! (Well, all least all my problems)
Note:: this is just a serum(a concentrate).... to lock in all the goodness of this serum remember to apply moisturizer.
I use it under my Vichy Normaderm day and night moisturizer. The scent doesn't crash and so far so good! (I just start using, so it's still too early to tell the differences)

*****Remember - Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC is NOT a Moisturizer.
Use after toner and before moisturizer.
Here are some guide on what products to use with the serum (if you wanna pair it with Biotherm range)

okok... here are some random shots I took at the previewing session....

Group shot...

Received a bottle of SKIN.ERGETIC to try it out!!!

I just activated the serum on 24th (The serum absorped nicely into my skin with a velvety smooth finishing and it didnt crash with the moisturizer that I'm using. (Which are Vichy Normaderm day and night creams)

Check out my step by step(well, the above clip already shown very clearly on how to active the serum.. anyway, I just love taking pics... kekekeke

Will be back in about a month or 2 for a full review of this serum!
Anyway, I have high hope on this... because Biotherm Biopur SOS range and Biotherm Line Peel Crystalescent Bio-Cellular Serum were my skin saviour afew years back when I'm suffering with painful acnes problems!!!
Normally a Biotherm serum retail above SD$100 for 30ml... BUT this only cost SD$99 for 50ml!!!!

Check out Biotherm Singapore Page for more details.

You can ask for the sample for this serum at any Biotherm counters to try out the texture. But do remember that the sample doesn't contain the broccoli powder, (because it unstable in "liquid" form and it's hard to pack it)

I swatched the serum on the back of my hand + arm.. the texture, finishing and color of the serum feels(look) the same before and after adding the broccoli powder.

Disclaimer: Product were provided by Biotherm for reviewing.