Avalon Organics @ Watsons

Last Week, attended the Watsons workshop on Avalon Organics at Restore Living(a little cafe along Tanjong Pagar Road).

The workshop begin with introducing Organics Skincare and follow by Avalon Organics products.

Avalon Organics Essential Lift Skincare Collection

(lolx at myself for trying to mimic the image)

More details on each products and the prices.

Even thought this range are meant for "Lifting" "anti-aging" "anti-wrinkles".. but the lists of ingredients are full of soothing and calming ingredients... which sound very promising(for me la) especially the eye-cream!

Next would be hair products...
Avalon Organics Elixir Hair Care Range

Personally, I love using Organics shampoo... cos sometimes my scalp would feel rather painful/stress. But they are not that moisturizing or easy to lather as compare to commerical shampoo. (I have great hopes in this range of shampoo)

For Moisturizing: Awapuhi Mango

For thinning hair: Biotin B-complex

For normal to oily hair: Tea Tree Mint Treatment

After the workshop and healthy snacks... we all received a bag of products...

I just start adding 2 products(toner and eyecream) into my skincare routine (I'm slowly changing it) and I kept forgetting to try out the shampoo!

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Products was provided for consideration