Sunday, July 31, 2011

LOTD: The so-called-kawaii : Pinky champagne

A kawaii LOTD focusing more on the eyeliners.I recreated the kawaii look from the K-palette workshop I attended weeks ago (Look B)

I mix Kate Gel shadow in Gold and Pink - On the Lids (Cos I want a Pinkish gold shade) and a light brown shade on the crease. Follow by a droopy eyeliners which connect onto the lower lash line. (The colors look very soft in the pics... but in "real" it was pretty glossy and shimmery)
I'm using the faux lashes, that I received in the goodies bag (from the K-palette's workshop)

Products Used::
->> Biore UV Aqua Rich Sunscreen in SPF 50
->> Clarins Everlasting foundation (shade 101)
->> MAC MSF in Light
->> ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS shading powder (For bronze and highlight)
->> Murad Hybrids Eye Lift Illuminator
(On the under eye area before foundation -I find that it works better applied before foundation)
->> Kate gel shadow in Gold and Pink
->> MAC soba eyeshadow on the crease(not in the [pic above]
->> K-palette 24hrs Tattoo black eyeliner (Waterproof version)
->> K-palette 24hrs tattoo brow's liner in 01
->> Kate Brow's mascara
->> Canmake cheek & Cheek duo blush in shade 02
->> Canmake pressed powder(setting) eyeliner in black
->> Lancome Hypnose Precious Cells
->> Boujois Khol Contour 16hr black eyeliner(on water/tight lines)
->> Bobbi brown Gold glitters liquid liner ontop of the black eyeliner(not in the pic)
[Products in Blue font were provided by the company for reviewing]

I know a long list of products: But I only use half a pump of liquid foundation on my face (trying to avoid putting foundation on my T-zone and forehead - just blend in some leftover.) and then powder/setting my face with MAC MSF.

I have suffered dry flaky lips during the time where I took these pictures. The Lip Ice sheer color lipbalm really moist up my lips and make it feel less tight and painful! (Well... It feel more "oily" then "moisturizing" but not really that oily "oily" just a nice film coating the lips.)

The lip color is the Lip Ice Sheer color lipbalm in "strawberry" that will change color when apply..[Only the above pic is with the lip balm]

Introducing the new comer "mânmàn"(文文 in Cantonese) - She is around 2 to 3mths old - It a huge puppy! :)
[lolx at myself trying my best to force open my eyes where mânmàn's eyes like half shut!]

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Friday, July 29, 2011

TheNatureLab Oxygen Shield Bubble Mask - a Good "Primer" for the skin

TheNatureLab From Korean recently launched one of their star products "Oxygen Shield Bubble Mask" in Singapore. An 8 in 1 mask that would ensure skin to stay in tip top condition and freed from problems such as wrinkles, discolouration, dead skin, dryness and dirt in one easy step while you cleanse.

This is just a product that cleanse and mask the skin within a minute. A fast and multi task product.

Why Oxygen Mask??
Just like our body, our skin needs Oxygen to survive! When our body lack oxygen, we will become breathless, giddy and natural instinct we will search for more oxygen. And when our skin was lack of oxygen, premature aging occurs. And most of people take it as normal aging process.
Premature aging causes our skin to be dull and unhealthy. Oxygen plays an important role in our skin cell for repairing, regeneration and reproduction. With adequate amounts of oxygen, our skin will become healthier and be able to effectively absorb the nutrients and essence that we apply. It will also speeds up the shedding of old skin cells and aid skin cell rejuvenation giving us a youthful look.

->> I always thought that oxygen produce free radicals and that will cause aging, skin darkening and sometimes itchyness to the skin. But when I look closely at the bottle... it said that this bubble mask help to "improve oxygen supple".

So it means we are not applying oxygen on the skin!  Anyway, it's a gimmick for giving "foam" a nice name... but does this product work? I don't think anyone will believe that this plastic bottle can contain oxygen right?!?!

Ingredients list of The Oxygen Shield Bubble Mask

When pump out the product, it's a gel texture which will foam up(within 2secs) once you spread it around the skin(face).

If I didn't touch the gel after I pumped out from the bottle... it will stay as gel form(it will not bubble up)

My mini review:
  • After I towel dry my face, skin feel velvety smooth!! (I love the texture of my skin after using the mask!)... BUT it does feel abit tight, so I don't think this product help in moisturizing the skin. It feels more like a pre-serum/moisturizing product that will prep the skin for better absorption for serum/moisturizer.
  • Well... this is a mask, so just like any other masks... it need to apply moisturizer after masking to lock all the goodness that we just masked into the skin.
  • The bubbles act like a thousand/million of sticky mirco balls that roll around the skin surface and inside of the pores to stick up dirts, oil and dead skin cells.
  • During the first few times of using this products(I use this in the evening/night time), I don't find any visible skin improvement...  Only feels that when I apply my serum and moisturizer.. it feel "extra" smooth and easy to spread out(absorption).
  • Hmm... I was thinking if this can make my skincares products feel so upgraded, it might do the same for my foundation! So I start to use this in the morning(or the time I woke up, before makeup)
  • And it really(x100) does make my foundation feel extra smooth during application. I still apply skincares and sunblock before foundation,  even I layer so many products before my foundation.. it still works!
  • The mask work well in exfoliating and smoothing out the skin texture for better absorption!!
  • It's a good "primer" for skincares and foundation.
  • After using this about 2 weeks... Not sure about skin improvement.. cos I was using other sheets mask too.. all I can say was that my skin does feel abit more smoother.
  • I don't use this everyday.. cos I don't like to mask my face everyday! lolx ...I feel that masking everyday might be abit too much(rich) for my combination skin but I don't mind mild exfoliating everyday -(I always use cleansing water - so on days when I'm using this bubble mask, I skip cleansing water.)

The Oxygen Shield Bubble Mask is available exclusively at selected Watsons at an introductory price of $36.50 (While Stock last). Usual Price of $48.90.

About TheNatureLabTheNatureLab started with the vision of providing ladies with the very best of what nature has to offer, combining science with organically grown produce that has been intrinsically sourced, researchers has been able to optimize and enhance the various properties while keeping it affordable for the masses. (Source from TheNatureLab Facebook Page)

LIKE The Nature Lab Facebook & play the Spot & Win game to win a bottle of Oxygen Shield Mask worth $48.90 at :::

Product were provided for consideration.
I'm not affiliated with the company.

Information extracted from the press file.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Bow Wow Steamcream

STEAMCREAM - Simple Quality skincare freshly handmade in Japan for face, body and hands. Suitable for all skin types.

Currently there are only 6 designs available at Singapore BHG Clementi and Bugis.[Pic taken from streamcream fbpage)
Price: SD$25.90 (75g)
I have to choose Bow-Wow.. cos it's too cute to resist!! (kekekeke.. )

The size was just right... not too small or BIG..

Streamcream is the latest concept in skincare.
High quality, natural and traceable raw ingredients are bound by a steam-infused process to create a hydrating, easy absorbed and luxurious vegan cream for face, body and hands.

The list of ingredients sound really soothing and hydrating!! Oatmeal, Almond Oil, Lavender oil, Rose Absolute and so on...

Constantly Changing, limited edition aluminum tins give a funcky twist for a quality product.

The cream feel more like a lotion, becos the texture wasn't that thick.
The cream feels moist and abit towards greasy when I first touch it, but once the cream absorbed, it doesn't feel oily. (maybe becos my skin was really DRY?!?!)
These couple of days my left elbow was super dry and itchy... and this cream soothe the itchyness for just one application! (Amazing right??)
Edit: 3rd November 2011
After using the steamcream on and off for afew months, I really like steamcream as intense moisturizing cream on my body.
I only use it when I feel that my body/hand are super dry or tight.
Didn't try this on my face, because I feel that it might be too rich it's just feel abit too rich for my combination skin.
The cream feel really soothing on the skin and once the cream absorbed, skin feel smooth and supple.

Edit on 02 April 2012
On March 2012, I decided to use steamcream everynight on my hands/arms/legs instead of when I feel that I need moisturizer(or rotate with other moisturizers)... wanna test out how this cream feel when used everyday.
I put it on my computer table.. so it easy for me to reach for and use it while surfing the internet/updating my blog(lolx)
I like the light weight texture of this cream, thought it does feel abit greasy when applied too much.
My hand and arms feel really smooth and soft and it not as tight as it use to be(I sleep in AC room).
I love the soothing feel of this cream.
Doesn't clogged pores or causes any skin irritation.
Sometimes, my skin will feel abit itchy after reapplying moisturizer (My skin abit sensitive.. somethings layering might trapped dust and it will cause abit of itchness on my skin)
(I'm using another body moisturizer now - cos I wanna finish it up.. but I still prefer using steamcream, cos it doesn't have the thick body lotion feel after layering, doesn't make my skin itch also!)

Read more about STEAMCREAM on my earlier entry or their facebook Page
Alright.. Who's cuter??
Mǎnmǎn(文文 in cantonese) or Bow-Wow?

Peapea or Bow-Wow??

Of cos Mǎnmǎn and Peapea la (cos they are "alive" :b)!!! Buibui?? She hide her chubby self when she sees me armed with Bow-wow and the camera! lolx

Product was provided/sent by Japalang (The Singapore distributor of streamcream) for reviewing.
I'm not affiliated with the company

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Empire State Special 1 for 1 promotion deal with Za goodies + makeovers

To celebrate the closure of the case, Shiseido Masstige brands are glad to extend the invitation to 3 of you (pretty babes/handsome dudes) to dine at Empire State @ Bugis Illuma at a special 1-for-1 promotion deal during the month of August 2011.

You got to enjoy free makeovers and makeup demonstrations by their professional beauty trainers during the meal. And a Za goodies bag.

If you are interested, you can email your particulars to with the secret password "BSI_everbluec" and they will pick 3 readers.

If you miss out the entry on the Watsons Health Wellness & beauty Awards 2011 / Shiseido Masstige brands "Beauty Scene Investigation"  (Click Click)
For more details about this promotion, you can either email them or check out their facebook page:

Promotion was bought to you by Shiseido Masstige brands and Empire State.
I am not affiliated by them.

Watsons Health Wellness & beauty Awards 2011 - Shiseido Masstige brands "Beauty Scene Investigation" + Promotion

Week ago, attended an odd but creative event: "Beauty Scene Investigation", organized by Shiseido MassBrands, to celebrate the winning on various Watsons HWB 2011 Awards.

Check out the invitation card!!!

I feel odd because.. it a crime scene and someone was out there killing makeup products in the so called "Beauty County" (I think it's Watsons?) and those survivor were places at a safe house called "Beauty Room"(Shiseido Masstige brands' Beauty Haven). The survivers are those who won the various Watsons HWB Awards 2011.

Close up on the map of Beauty County (AKA: Watsons?)

It's abit confusing because we donno who's the serial killer and donno what's the motives for "killing" beauty products?
Check out the crime scene!!!!

The poor piggy!

Was it because the murderer hate sucky products that cause him/her a bad "face" day? (I love Crime related shows, but this was just abit hard to digest. "survivor = winner = killer"??? lolx)
Let's move on to happy place.. The survivor haven "Beauty Room"

After checking out the "Beauty Room" we move over to DIY our own foundation casing... here are some "Pretty" examples...

And my DIY.. (very the simple right? Kekekekee~)

Let check out who won!!!
(Shiseido Masstige brands includes Za, Majolica Majorca, Aqualabel and Tsubaki.)
->>>> Za Skin Beauty 2 way foundation

->>>> Za True White Plus 2-way foundation (Review)
More details on the foundation (click click)

->>> Za Concealer Perfection
(I didn't use this often to give a good review, I keep forgetting to use concealer when I applying my makeup)

Here are the swatches/texture of the concealer...

->>>>Za Everbrow

->>>> Majolica Majorca Perfect Automatic Liner

This is my fave color liquid liner!!! (Bought a various of shades)

->>>> Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara(waterproof) (Review)

This is my all time fave Majolica Majorca Mascara!

->>>> Majolica Majorca Jewelling Eyes

->>>> Aqualabel White Clear Foam Cleanser

More details on Aqualabel (Click Click)

->>>> Tsubaki Damage Care Range (Click Click)

There is not much different on the winning as compare to last year HWB Awards.. (Click Click)
Sharing and Promotion
Remember the survivor's hidout AKA Beauty Room? It open for public to enjoy all the beauty treatments...Just call or email to book appointment (Check out below for the list of treatments and prices)

Exclusively promotion at Watsons from 28th July to 24th August 2011

Special Collaboration with Empire State

Alright, back to the event... after DIY the foundation case... we all headed over to Empire State @ Bugis Illuma for our dinner...

And makeup demo using Majolica Majorca products..

And the foods... Do note that the portion of each dishes(except the soup- which was pretty normal) are quite HUGE!!! (Very reasonable pricing!)

The brownies with ice-cream serve on a hot pan was "Heavenly"
I'm not a sweet tooth person, but I love the cold and "hot"(not warm) combos. The brownies was hot, moist and tight(?!?) (awww.. not good at description!!!!)

Look out for my next entry on the 1-for-1 promotion deal...