Thursday, June 16, 2011

*New* Canmake eyeliner collection

*** CANMAKE Powder Eyeliner ***
Price: SD$17.90

From the release::
The smudge line enables us to perfect natural-looking eyes to appear bigger.
Althought this is in pressed powder form, the particles will not disperse, and ensuring that the eyeliner will provides beautiful color that lasts.
To be use to smudge the usual eyeliner to make eyes look even bigger.

No 1: Matte Black: A deep black that provides crisp color and makes your pupils stand out.

No 2" Matte Brown: A brown that provides a gentle impression, while still giving you a smart look.

Swatches done using the mini eyeliner brush...

*** CANMAKE Lasting Creamy Liner ***
Price: SD$14.90

From the release:
An eyeliner that goes on smoothly and color will not fade.
The soft core draws a smooth line that clings to the lids.
The creamy, dense line will give you eyes that will make an impression!

No 1: Strong Black: A dense, lacquer-black for eyes with impact.

No 2: Chocolate Brown: A dark brown with a slight sweetness.


*** CANMAKE Strong Eyes Liner ***
Price: SD$22.90

From the release:
A film-type liquid eyeliner that will not wear off.
Stands up to sweat, water, sebum and rubbing, creating a crisp, black line that lasts for hours!
The fine brush has just the right degree of flexibility to enable you to draw any kind of line neatly and criply!

Swatches... The tip is really fine and it move around quite easily... (The intensity of the black shade is buildable)


I will tried out these liners for sometimes before I can do a review on it.

Disclaimer: Products were provided by CANMAKE TOKYO for reviewing.