Thursday, June 30, 2011

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They will be bringing in everything from some of the best known and hippest brands around (NARS/Sleek). All in an easy to shop, online platform. Stay tuned to their FB page for updates and chances to win free product!

Luxola are giving away 3 $100 shopping spree's on when they launch in August!
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Check out the facebook Page (Click Click)


Power of Scent by Spa Esprit @ Beauty Emporium

Couple weeks ago, Spa Esprit invited a handful of bloggers(including me) for their Power of Scent workshop.

Beauty Emporium is located at 8D Dempsey Road Level 2 (I took a shuttle from Orchard)

More pics of Beauty Emporium..

A selection of organic products....

The view... so greeny...

This workshop is mainly about doTERRA Essential oils.. on how we can lead a more organic(?) and healthy lifestyle without using "drugs"
I always believe in self recovery, mainly because I "drag" at the thought of seeing doctor!  Anyway, I just prefer chinese herbs. And the ideas of using essential oils are pretty cool too!

More about doTERRA (Check out their website for more in-depth details)

doTERRA essential oils are 100% pure, natural and free of synthetic compounds or contaminates.

After introducing the brand and their concept, the speaker: Sweelin(correct me if I'm wrong) .. goes on explaining the different uses of essential oils... (I love the scents but never really knew which "brand" to start with... and now, I'm going to start using essential oil with the "BEST" lolx)

Alright... I pick out some of the interesting uses of essential oils...

I was really impressed and amaze by how Peppermint and Lavender can do beside what we normally know.
The Basic Oil Trio :
Peppermint, Lavender and Lemon (With these 3 oils.. it helps to solve basic problems we experiences almost everyday)

We have a short, foods break in-between before we DIY our own shower gel

We can mix up to 3 scents (Top, middle and base) .. I only mix 2 scents and mine was more towards herbal scent <3
Geranium(for my eczema condition) + Sandalwood (good for sinus congestion)

I have been using the shower gel for more then 2 weeks now, I'm so loving the scents... very soothing and the shower gel lather up really well and it cleanse well too! :)
The foods...

With Joyce

And we got to bring home the 2 bottles of shower gel(250ml each) that we mixed and a pack of the basic oil trio's sample.

Also bought a bottle of "Balance" for my dad :)
Price: Around SD$44 (I can't remember)

If you plan to visit Spa Esprit @ Beauty Emporium for some sensation experiences of essential oils... Here are the Shuttle bus schedule to Dempsey Hill.

doTERRA website:
Spa Esprit facebook page:
Disclaimer: Thanks Pearlin and Spa Esprit for the invitation.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Win Bébé Poshé products thru their Incredible Memory game


SD$600 worth of Bébé Poshé products to be won...
I tried playing afew times.... with my chubby fingers, the 10secs ended too SOON! (lolx)

Log on to their facebook page to play the Incredible Memory game....!/bebeposhesg?sk=app_226623044034268

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Shu Uemura Color Aterlier pan shadows, brow pencil and Avène

I have been thinking about getting a reddish brown brow's pencil to go with my new hair color(which already faded.. oh well... it still look far from my original hair color! lolx) and the brand, Shu Uemura pop into my head... so was afew of my lovely friends recommendation.

All Shu Uemura products... except the Avène Rebalancing Soothing emulsion (I got that for my mum...because of the careless mindless me)

Shu Uemura #03 Brown (hard formula) brow's pencil
Price: SD$35.00

NO swatches... cos the color don't come out easily when I swatch it on the skin(back of my hand), but rather nice on the brows!(Loving these type of brow's pencil!)

Shu Uemura cream shadow in White (I have been wanting a white matte cream shadow and Shu Uemura have it ^__^)
Price: SD$40

I will add in swatches later, as the lighting not really good NOW(it's 5plus  in the morning!! Yawn~)
Ingredients list for the White(Matte) cream shadow (Click to enlarge the pic)

Last but not least... how can I not get any of the new Shu Uemura Color Aterlier refill shadow pans right??
Price: SD$22 (Click for more information on the Color Aterlier)

Swatches coming up....
The ingredients list for the pressed shadows(click to enlarge the pic)

Avène Rebalancing Soothing emulsion Price: SD$30.50

This emulsion feel really nice... it have a soft and satin finishing(not sticky)

That's all for this little hauling....