Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Behind the scenes : 2011 Audi Fashion Festival – Shapes and Shadows by Redken + Shu Uemura

Last Sunday, Before 2011 AFF  "The Inspiring World of Redken - Shapes & Shadows" at the Tent@Orchard, we(Iris, Mag, Sophia, Sara, Kas and meeee) headed over to the L’Oréal Academie to experience the teams(Shu Uemura and Redken) prep the models for the show.

RedKen preparing the models...

Shu Uemura

This is a room full of love (make me wanna put those bold lashes on my lashes and sneak out one of the colorful palettes!)

Check out the makeup artists... they were all wearing Toyko bar's lashes

Check out the some of the Toyko bar's latest triblal lashes.

They let us choose a set of their lashes to put it on... (Wee... )

Sophia help me put on this part of lashes ^_^
(I forgot to switch back the ISO when I took this (below pic).. so pls excuse the "noisy" pic)

This (below pic) was taken by Sophia..

Click Here for the 2011 Audi Fashion Festival "The Inspiring World of Redken - Shapes & Shadows"