Somethings from Etude House, Nature Republic and Sana

Went to JB last Sunday(Planned to go on Saturday, oh well....) for a day of shopping, eating, shopping and eating(lolx).
Nature Republic Nail Polish (RM5.40) I think Singapore sell it cheaper(with member discount... SD$2.10-10%)... I just get it before "thinking"(lolx)

Nature Republic Grapefruit Soothing & moisture body gel (for body only) (RM23.90)(? I didn't see this in our local NP outlet the last time I pop by)

Etude House Pudding Dia Shadow in #04 Mint Pudding
(I can't remember how much is this in RM.. but after the discount and conversion.. it cost about SD$7+)

swatches... The texture feel like the KATE gel shadow.

Doing alittle fussing over here(lolx).. The BA was abit "WEIRD" .. when I was at the counter, she open this jar up to check whether the gel shadow had dry up anot, (I understand that) BUT.. poking her finger into the shadow was abit "TOO MUCH"!!!(OH MY GOSH)  I told her right away I want to exchange a new ONE and she let me bring the bottle back to the shelve and exchange a new one!!!!

NOW, I start to think about it.. does she do that to everyone? If she does, I don't thnk the one I got would be "touch" free before (if everyone exchange for a new one when she do that)!! To play safe, I look very closely at the gel mousse to be sure it look untouch, but to play safe, I scrape off the top layer!

Next, would be LUCIDarling Fantastic 3 Eyes in #2 High Pixel Pink (After discount and conversion it cost about SD$12+)

This is a creamy texture eyeliner/ eyeshadow


Brush (Cost about SD$9~SD$12+)

Free gift... Petit bijou Cotton Snow Moisture body lotion(sample size)

That's all for the JB hauling (I didn't spend alot of money too.. about SD$60+ for all the above + 2 meals!!)

OK, here are some of the stuff I got at John Little before their storewide 20% discount (I should have waited for like another 2 days and I got these at discount price!!!)

Repurchase of Pore Putty face powder for my sis (SD$24.90)
Hadanomy moisturizer cream(but it look like gel) SD$29.90(?.. Oh Gosh, I can't remember the price!)

SANA SANA Konuka Skin Lotion (Pre-serum/essence/moisturizer lotion) SD$21.90

And TRESemme Shampoo!(lolx) SD$14.90(Buy the shampoo and get conditional for FREE @ Guardian)