Sunday, April 24, 2011

Revlon CustomEyes Mascara [Review]

My sis told me about a mascara and I totally "NOT" aware of it... so she say she going to get it for me(lolx). To me, it's really sweet and lovely(cos they hardly buy me any makeup) ... Oh and she ask me to "blog" about it.. hahahah.. so cute la!

So... this entry was sponsored by "Ariya"(my sister) and insist that I do an entry on it! (FUN)

This mascara have a twist top where we can twist it left and right for different "brush" on the wand for different lash effect.
Check out more detail on Revlon website.

Check out the video...

The brush applicator head is bendable.. and it help in some ways, it doesn't feel harsh on my tightline when I brush the brush too near the lash's root(do I made any sense here?)

1 for Length & Drama

2 for Length & Definition

Here is the before and after use of the mascara (I use both.. lolx cos "#1 the length and drama" really darken and volume abit of my lashes)
(This is taken without flash... bare and curled lashes)
I used #2 first then another 2 cost of #1.

Here's the before and after - using flash!

It does feel abit crumpy.. I applied 3 coats. I tried it again today and it doesn't feel as crumpy as before.(I think it the way I applied.. too much mascara's wax on the wand/brush?)
(Edit: 25th April 2011)
I take another pic (4 coats of mascara).. applied on my lower lashes too. It does weight down my lashes abit after applying 3 coats.. I just wait till it dry and curl my lashes again. And it made lower lashes abit more crumpy then I like, so I use a spoolie to comb thru it.

My lashes feel soft and light... not dry at all.
Price : SD$18.90( or SD$19.90?)