LMS Spotlight's review

LMS 24 and LMS 8  - one round of light is 3 mins per session. (With beeping sound)
LMS 3 - one round of light is 3mins and 3 times(9mins) per session(as the light is more weaker compare to LMS 24 and 8) (No beeping sound)

The red light used in LMS Spotlights penetrates the skin cells to force out nitric oxide and stimulate anti-oxidants to speed up skin cell repair, helping to clear spots and mild to moderate acne, reducing redness and inflammation.

LMS Spotlights start to work from the first application and on average, people can expect spots and mild to moderate acne to heal twice as fast as their skin's natural healing time. LMS Spotlights use technology proven to increase the production of new skin cell by 155%*

I find that the light therapy work really well on going to pop out acne/pimple or pimple that already bursted. (It speed up the healing process)

When I feel a tiny pain on my nose(usually it's the sign of inflammation, "red bump popping out alert") I will use LMS spotlight 8(cos it focus more on small areas),  the nose(where I feel the pain) will still look pinkish, but no bump popping out. By the 4th time I used the light on the problem area... the redness and pain will be GONE. (It advise to use it 3 times each day.. but we can use as many times as we like with 60 mins rest period in between.)

I got no pics to show on the healing process, cos it doesn't look any different from the before and after pics (there wasn't any bumps.)

It said that it can be use on skin even when we have no acne/pimple problems... it help to stimulate anti-oxidants(which help fight free radicals and reduce the chance of itchy skin), encourages cell regeneration and reduce inflammation.

[[Please take note that:: red light therapy does not kill the acne bacteria (Only Blue light therapy will kill bacteria).]]

I use it even when I don't have acne... with the factor of encourages cell regeneration, I like to think that it will help to reduce the redness/scarring on my cheeks(thought it doesn't have any prove that it will redness old acne's scarring)... I simply wanna try it(lolx)

Click on the below image for bigger size image (using LMS 24 on my whole face)

It does reduce redness, notice the side of my nose... the redness kinda reduce by  20%(?). I know the tiny red spots on my cheeks still there... but the tone look more even after 5days (using it 3 to 4 times each day) of using the light therapy.

It also reduce the tiny oil spots around my upper cheeks (Yeah~). I also notice that my skin feel more supple and firm when I touch it! (it might be my illusion.. but I'm liking my skin NOW!)

I've stop using the light therapy on my whole face(I stop because I'm trying out new products), but I'm still using it when I feel that a pimple is going to pop out. And I can say that this light therapy is really good, I hardly have any ugly breakout. cos, once I feel the pain.. I use the light! :P
Do take note that the red light therapy reduce the acnes by speeding up the healing process.. so it's all depend on our own. (Different people have different results)

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LMS 24 Price: SD$199
LMS 8 Price: SD$129
LMS 3 Price: SD$79

LMS spotlights are available exclusively at Guardian Health & Beauty Store
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