Friday, April 29, 2011

Canmake New Duo blush


Saw this at Watsons and I'm in love <3<3<3 the shades are not very unique, but they all look really sweet and quite pigmentated. Good for the price!

Right now Watsons having promotion.. Price SD$16.90 (Original price is SD$18.90) More then 20% off (I wonder John little have this anot)

Come in 4 different duo shades (If I'm not wrong #03 and #04 are matte.. where #01 and #02 are with shimmers)

Here's the "zoom" in pics...


I'm going to get #02 (I need to check out John Little sales first.. cos there are having 20% + 20% promotion.)



Thursday, April 28, 2011

A not so "Melodrama" LOTD

Nothing too crazy... just liner and then blend it out with Illamasqua Melodrama eyeshadow. Keep it within my double eyelid's fold. So it act like a super thick eyeliner.. which doesn't look like an eyeliner. lolx(no eye primer used)

Products used:

Nature Republic Alaska Aqua Sunblock cream,
Lancome Pro base,
Clarins everlasting foundation(in 101 Alabaster) mix a drop of Za True White Instant Brightener.
Set it with Rimmel Renew and lift brightening mineral powder in Ivory.
TheBodyshop baked blush.

Bourjois Duochrome eyeliner in 58 Noir bleute (thick liner)
Blend it out with Illamasqua Melodrama eyeshadow
MAC Blitz & Glitz a thin liner near the lashes
Bourjois brow's highlight
KATE brow mascara
Revlon CustomEyes waterproof mascara in blackest black

[Below Pic] Taken with flash

Not wearing any lip's color... just the biggy lip smacker.

Illamasqua eyeshadow is really smooth, creamy and very easy to blend out! LOVE it. I have been thinking about pairing this dark dirty teal with bright shimmery green shadow! (Another lotd using this e/s coming up soon, lolx)

Note to Ming(miwitch): Thanks for the eyeshadow ^__^ loving it!


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Aloe Vera Gel: Nature Republic VS Fruit of the Earth

I have been using both Nature Republic and Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera gel and I don't feel much different except the texture until I use it on my wound. So I decided to do a reviews on both to share my fave! (And believe me... It does feel different!)

I only start using the Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% gel on my body recently.
This tube belong to my sis and she love using it.. before, I only use this on my doggies when they have itchy skin or scratch wound. I didn't use it on my body because it feel too gel-y and sticky for my liking.
And weeks ago, she left this tube in my room and out of curiosity(wondering why she love it so much)... I decided to try it. And surprising that once the gel absorbed, skin feel soft, kinda powdery and it does keep my skin hydrated!
Price: I'm not too sure.. think less then SD$15(Will edit the pricing once I check it out)

(Click on the below pic for larger image)

Nature Republic 90% Fresh Aloe Vera soothing moisturizing Gel
I only tried this once on my face, absorbed very fast with a soft, powdery finshing, soothing and moisturizing. (My main point was not using on the face.. but on the body). The hydrating and finishing doesn't feel much different as compare to the Fruit of the Earth 100% Aloe Vera gel.. but Nature Republic 90% Fresh Aloe Vera Gel feel more watery to touch and it doesn't feel sticky at all... Kinda like face moisturizing gel (Not really gel-y type of texture). It abit more moisturizing compare to Fruit of the Earth. (If really wanna point out which one is more moisturizing)
Price: SD$13.90
OK.. let's compare the texture...

The one with flash(below pic) show much clearer on how thick the Fruit of the Earth 100% Gel are.

Spread out....

Now, you all must be wondering... what's the different?
Well, few days ago(Saturday)... I accidently scraped a small piece of my skin off my upper knee.. a thin layer of skin was being scrape off by my computer table(Who know table can do such damaging right?)
Here's a pic of the fresh wound (which look like a slice of pizza! lolx)
I applied Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera 100% gel on the wound, right after I use alcohol wipe to clean the wound(major ouch!!!)

For the past 2 days, I kept using Fruit of the Earth to apply on the wound to calm the pain. But everytimes I apply the gel, it burns!! (Ouch!) Didn't ease any pain or feel any soothing at all! Well, at least it keep my wound from dust and dirts.
(I took these pics before using the Nature Republic 90% Fresh Aloe Vera Gel) on tuesday. The wound already dries up(doesn't feel raw anymore)

The size of the wound is not tiny! Comparing the wound with my thumb.

So yesterday(Tuesday).. I decided to try Nature Republic 90% fresh aloe vera gel. After I wash/clean the wound... the skin still feel hot, painful and swollen. :(

When I put the Nature Republic 90% fresh aloe vera gel on the skin/wound, it feel cooling, soothing and OMY.. it does calm my pain(no burning feel at all)!!!! And after afew hours, my knee doesn't feel as swollen and painful as before! (NOW, I wonder why I didn't use this sooner! lolx)
Anyway, I wanna point out that I did use LMS spotlight (want to see whether it will speed up the healing process)

Both LMS spotlight(using the RED Led lights to speed up the healing process) and Aloe Vera Gel(both brands).. help speeding up my healing process!!
  • My wound doesn't have any pus.
  • The raw area dries up the next day(I scraped my knee on Saturday Night)
Aloe Vera gel form a protective barrier against dirts and further inflammation(prevent any itchy wound) plus soothing my sore skin(well, in this case only Nature Republic one calm the pain and soreness).

It also prove that LMS spotlight really does speed up the healing process! Amazing right? Normally, my skin will feel itchy and raw on the 2nd day, even on a tiny scratches! NOW, I didn't experience any itchyness (*touchwood*).

Nature Republic 90% Fresh Aloe Vera Gel - contain perfum and alcohol, but it way lightweight, moisturizing(all thanks to sodium hyaluronate) and soothing(/calming) compare to Fruit of the Earth 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel - which doesn't contain Alcohol and Fragrance.

I will buy Nature Republic 90% Fresh Aloe Vera Gel for myself and Fruit of the Earth 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel for my doggies.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Leonard Drake NEW UltraCalming Facial

Couple weeks ago, I was invited to try out Leonard Drake New Ultra Calming Facial treatments using the Dermalogica's Ultra Calming products which target for sensitive skin!

I have my facial treatment at the West Coast Plaza Outlet. (Level 3)

More about the UltraCalming Products:::

Leonard Drake NEW UltraCalming Treatments

My experience::
I never tried any Dermalogica products before, but I heard alot of great reviews and can't wait to try it out!
I was pretty excited when I read about the UltraCalming treatments + products. Because, I love anything that was hydrating, soothing, calming and was meant for sensitive skin! (Can never go wrong with these kind of products, I means for me la, lolx)
Before the facial, they gave me a form to fill in on my personal information, skin type and ects. Then they did a skin check using UV lights(correct me if I'm wrong).. different UV lights reflect on the skin means different problems on pigmentation, clogged pores, sebum and dehydrate.
OK, I have.... (It like nothing I didn't know already):::
-> Dry forehead (I totally didn't know about this except having fine lines on the forehead)
-> White/black heads on my nose and chin
-> Pigmentation on both of my cheeks (due to acne marks)
(Yeah, I have no more dry cheeks!!! Well, I guess I focus too much on my cheeks that I totally forgot about my forehead!)
After the short consultation, we start the "Advanced UltraCalming Barrier Defense Facial" The whole duration was so relaxing and time just flew by.. even during the extraction, the pains were bareable!
During the facial, she use 2 interesting gadgets, not sure about the actual names... so, I just try to explain what I think it would be(lolx).
After cleansing my face/face steaming/mist/massage/extraction.. she applied a thick gel all over my skin and use a cold press gadget to press/smooth it around my face.. it was really cold, but super soothing(I like)!!! This action will shrink my pores, drop my skin temperature to prevent future acne's breakout.

The other gadgets(I didn't see clearly what it was, but it look like a long tube) have a sound of electric currents(sound very painful), but it just feel like a cloth, lightly moving around my face in circular motion.(Googled: It's called microcurrent facials)

At one point where the thingy pass by one of my eye, I do feel abit of electric on the lid(shock me abit, hahaha). Totally have no clue what this will do to my skin, maybe for speeding up my healing process? Make skin tighter?? Active Cell turnover?

Microcurrent facial: 
(It kinda like what I have thought! lolx) Stimulate muscles in the face to eliminate wrinkles, which also help speed up healing process. In response to these electrical impulses, the body will produce more ATP and collagen, while growing more connective tissue cells. And all these will make the skin fuller and more resilient to drying and cracking.(source)

After all the gadgets treatment, she apply a thick warm masque on my face and let me rest for awhile. Not sure how long, but it feel really nice and relaxing, I doze off abit..... after removing the masque, follow by face mist, serum, barrier repair and I was DONE.

When I look into the mirror, my face look moist, fresh and it look kinda glowy and no redness at all! The best was that my skin feel so smooth and supple. And the skin remain supple and smooth for a whole week (I can't stop touching my cheeks when I was in the shower!!)

To be frankly, SD$200 for a session was a bit expensive!  But, if my skin was suffering from stress and crazy breakout.. I think I'll go for it!!

Even though, I'm not a big fan on facial, but I'm crazy about skincare's products!!! Very interested in trying out the UltraCalming products, I might get them once I finished up all my skincares!

Disclaimer: Facial treament were provided by Leonard Drake.

Monday, April 25, 2011

SANA Maiko-Han blushes in Akane and Benisakura [swatches]

Swatch post for Maiko-Han blushes in Akane (Peach) and Benisakura (Pink).  I got the Benisakura (Pink) at John Little during their 20% promotion. Where the Akane(Peach) was provided by the company for consideration.

[above: without flash] [below:with flash]

A thin film of plastic to seperate the blush and the brush
The blush is nice.. but not as soft as the Gransenbon one.
SANA Maiko-Han blushes in Akane (Peach)
Swatches.. (Click on the pic for bigger image)
Maiko-Han blushes in Benisakura (Pink)

The swatched look abit more pigmented on the back of my hand..... but it wasn't that crazy pigmented when using a blush brush. It give cheek a beautiful glow.

I can't remember the price.. I think I paid around SD$20+ after 20% discount at John Little