Navie Rosehip Makeup Removal Oil

Watsons Promotion:: "Buy 1 Get 1 Free" for Naive Rose Facial Cleansing oil (Price: SD$14.90 each)

I was browsing thru Watsons yesterday and saw this cleansing oil. I love anything that contain rose, because it smell nice and somewhat soothing(lolx.. ). I haven't tried any Navie cleansing oil before, so this BOGO promotion is a good bargain! Promotion end on 31st March 2011.

Here's my initial thoughts on this cleansing oil:
The texture of the oil wasn't too thick nor watery.
Easy to spread around the whole face, emulsify into this thick milky texture... not too slimy.
Rinse off easily and skin doesn't feel tight.

I'm using Dejavu Fiberwig mascara(this waterproof mascara can be removed by warm water)... so I cannot tell whether it will remove good waterproof mascara(like Fasio, covergirl or Majolica Majorca) well. 

It's feel almost like the Biore cleansing oil(the purple bottle one).

I will update here again when I tried it on a good waterproof mascara.