Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Haul: Sleek Acid and Sunset palettes


Collected the Sleek palette from Kas yesterday (Join her small sleek's spree weeks ago).. excited!!

Sleek Acid Palette

swatches from various lighting... (with flash)
I didn't swatch the black color(cos it just a matt black which come with in almost all their palette)
The white doesnt show up well... it would be a good brow's highlight(cos the color wasnt too strong)

without flash

This purplish pink is a duochrome... Pretty~

Sleek Sunset Palette

Swatches from various lighting (Didn't swatch the matt black)

With flash (the orange was so intense... me likey)

without flash...

I'm so loving the sunset palettes.. all the colors were pretty intense!