Thursday, January 13, 2011

Swatches Sugarpill's Burning Heart and Sweet Heart palettes

Burning Heart...

Swatches without Base (With flash)

Without flash..

Buttercupcake and Flamepoint are matte shade.. creamy and powdery, very pigmentated!
Poison Plum have abit of shimmers with pearly sheen.. doesnt look frosty
Love+ is a frost finishing.. very creamy and intense! Kinda have pearly gold sheen to it (Love the color.. but I donno how to use it on me! lolx)

Sweet Heart...

Swatches without base (With flash)

Without flash

Tako and Dollipop are matte shade.. but Tako feel abit more powdery where Dollipop and the rest of the matte shades I mention above are more towards creamy texture. Intense and very pigmentated!
Midori was not as creamy as Afterparty.. it's almost feel like a matte shade.. not as intense as Afterparty(which look frosty.. but it have a nice pearly sheen).. so I try layer Midori on bases and it work fine!! Color was more rich and full when apply ontop of a base.

I'm using... Too Faced Shadow insurance, Urban Decay Primer potion, MAC paintpot in "painterly" and BeautyMarker Eye's primer.

Midori swatches with these bases/primers... (with flash)

Without flash

I love how intense and vibrant "Midori" swatch on top of TFSI... it turn out the best out of all the primers/bases.
Upclose on "Midori" swatchon TFSI next to the one without base...

Without flash..

I still havent try these shadows on yet... I should do a LOTD using sugarpill ^__^