Saturday, January 08, 2011

LOTD mistletoe + Review on Dr Jart+ Premium Bbcream

I'm trying out the Sleek Sparkle i-Divine palette.. only using one shade (mistletoe) on as all over lid's color(with skintone eyeshadow for brow's highlight) + reviewing on the  Dr Jart+ Premium Bbcream.
Sleek sparkle palette eyeshadow was more chalky/powdery.. cos it was matte shadow mix with glitters. (The pigmentation wasn't very sheer.. and it's buildable and the glitters wasn't that huge or crazy! lolx)

First: A pic of my bare face(after applying skincares + sunblock)

With  Dr Jart+ Premium Bbcream

With makeup...

with flash

With flash... the mistletoe eyeshadow have green glitters(but it didnt capture well on the camera)

need some color on my lips... using MAC Ever Hip lipstick.

Aiyo.. my only open eyes smile shot was blurrrrr -_-"

Products used:

-> Rojukiss Protox Sunblock SPF50 PA+++
-> Dr Jart+ Premium Bbcream
-> SANA Natural Resource Loose Powder UV (SPF19 PA++)
-> MAC Ripe Peach Ombre Blush
-> BeautyMarker primer concealer (Good for even out the eyelids color- doesn't work well as a base)
-> Sleek Sparkle i-Divine palette: using Mistletoe on the lids and blend up/outwards
-> MAC brule as brow's highlight
-> Kiss Me Mascara (My mascara is getting more and more dry.. time to open new one! Yeah!! lolx)
-> L'oreal HIP blackshock eyeliner
Products in blue font are given by the company for trying/reviewing.

Review on the Dr Jart+ bbcream-Lightweight
-Blend well onto the skin
-Doesn't cause any breakout
-very moisturizing
-not cakey or patchy after few hrs of wearing
-Last around 4-6hrs.. I see it start to wear off(but if I apply pressed foundation on top... it last quite long!)
-even out skintones, pretty average coverage
-average oil control.. I dont see any shine on my nose after afew hrs of wearing
-dewy finishing
I like this bbcream.. it feels good on my skin and best of all.. I like that it was moisturizing, but doesn't feel too watery, thick, sticky or oily (Just nice). And it come with good SPF! If only it have more coverage (well.. not asking for more.. cos more coverage would make the bbcream much thicker...)