Monday, January 10, 2011

Anna Sui Spring 2011 limited Double Cheek Colors

When I'm checking out the Anna Sui latest Spring 2011 collection (which already out at the counters on 1st Jan 2011) online.. I got really interested on their limited double cheek colors!

Come in 3 shades.. (Price : SD$41 each)

Pretty isn't it???? Must remind self to check them out when I pop by the counter....
The Spring collection also included 2 new range of glosses (Clear and Rich)  (Price : SD$33) This wasn't limited..

Lip Gloss C Available in 15 Shades (Price: SD$33 each)
It's Highly translucent & reflecting :: brilliant clear oil base creates superior shine and translucence.
The Smooth Stay Gel :: smoothes over lines and uneven texture on lips, creating an even and reflecting surface

Lip Gloss R Available in 8 Shades
Contain "color keep oil" which captures a large amount of pigment while "Brilliant Clear Oil" provides shine. The finishing of the gloss is like enamel -rich and glossy.  :Moist Rich Oil" provides moisture to the lips.
And also 5 new additional Nail Color N... (Price: SD$24 each)

Check out their website :: (
Anyone check out the collection yet???