Monday, January 31, 2011

Giveaway: Nature Republic Fresh Farm Rice Foam Cleanser

A Brand New tube of Nature Republic Fresh Farm Rice Foam cleanser
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2) I will ship anywhere(international) 
3) You can enter up to 3 times a day
4) Giveaway is open from 31 Jan 2011 to 12 Feb 2011
5) Winner will be randomly picked

How to enter:
Comment below with your
Enjoy ^__^ And Happy Chinese New Year everyone!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nature Republic tiny haul and their exclusive CNY bags Promotion

From 29/01/11 to 30/01/11
Nature Republic have bundled up some of their best-selling in their exclusive CNY bags. There will be 10 items ranging from skincare to cosmetics in each CNY bag.
The CNY bag is selling at the price of SD$50 and you will get more then SD$128 worth of products. If you are lucky you may find up to $288 worth of products in the bags! These CNY bags are very limited in stock.

(Click on the above pic for larger size)
While I was at the store(Jurong Point Outlet.. the BA told me that the CNY bag only limited to the first 20 customers each day.. anyone interested can go and get it on their opening hours (10am?? Not too sure.)
Source from Nature Republic Facebook Page
Onto my tiny haul - I only got the facial foam.. the skincare products belong to my sister.

Omega Wrinkle Filler Softener(toner)(SD$41.40), Emulsion (SD$41.40) and Essence(SD$46.90)

Fresh Farm foam in Rice and GreenGrape(everyone in the family, except my dad are using these) We love it!!! Cheap, huge and it work great! (SD$6.90 each)

Purchase above SD$120.. will get a SD$10 Voucher + Omega travel Kit and a White therapy mask.

I'm not sure I will be up that early for the exclusive CNY bag!!!! But it's really a good deal right? (lolx) 

Edit:: 29 Jan 2011
I was at Jurong Point this evening(again) for dinner and getting some cleaning stuff (for spring cleaning!!!!)... I pop by Nature Republic (again) and nope no luck in getting the CNY bag :P So I got another 3 Fresh Farm Cleanser foam (One for giveaway.. coming soon...)

2 Fresh Farm Rice cleanser foam and a Aloe one. (One of the rice is for giveaway ^__^)

Monday, January 24, 2011

SANA Easy Peel Cleansing water

Cleansing water is sensitive skin best friend, because they are mild and doesn't cause skin irritation from using "scrub". Sana Easy Peel Cleansing water will not only cleanse but exfoliate the skin without the harshness of a physical scrub.

This bottle of 300ml can last up to 2 or 3mths of daily use.

The cleansing water wasn't thick or sticky... just like water...

Easy Peel Cleansing water, contain AHA+BHA (This cleansing water is mild enough to use it everyday) It's a 3 in 1 products and it can remove light makeup(not waterproof) and cleanse and tone the skin.

Well.. most cleansing water is mild enough to use it everyday! (So far, I have tried KOSE Clear lotion, Uriage Cleansing Water(2 different types: For sensitive and combination skin) and Etude Mini Size U)

I never used this to cleanse makeup before.. so I'm not sure whether it will remove it cleanly.. I just dont try using "water" to remove makeup(lolx)

I normally use this on dry face... before applying skincare/makeup in the morning or afternoon(depend on the time I'm heading out) ... evening/night, I normally use cleansing oil plus deep cleansing in the shower.

Using cleansing water everyday will remove dead skin cell on the skin and we wont have to use harsh facial scrub on our face twice/three times aweek. This is more suitable for acne prone skin.. cos facial scrub might be too harsh on their skin.

Soak up a cotton pad and then lightly wipe it all over the face(this is to wet the whole face first).. then pat it on areas that have acnes/black heads/clogged pores (focus more on problem areas to soften the skin).. flip the cotton over(add more cleansing water if the cotton is abit dry) and lightly rub the cotton pad on the skin in circular motion to wipe off the dead skin cell that clogged on the skin.  (Remember the cotton pad must be soaking wet.. if it feel abit dry.. it just creating more friction on the skin... just add more cleansing water on the cotton pad.)

After that.. follow by your own skincare routine... toner/serum/moisturizer/sunblock and then apply your makeup.
See.. it still have abit of dirts on the cotton pad.. even though I use cleansing water everyday... imagine all the dirt/dead skin cells that stuck on our face if we only scrub(using facial scrub) every 2 or 3 times a week.
If we maintain using cleansing water everyday.. it will reduce the chances of clog pores and white heads.

Price: SD21.90
Available at Watsons Singapore , sasa and John little.

I'm not affiliated with the company
Product was provided for consideration 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Biore Post Party Face Savers

Last Month(Dec 2010), Kao Biore send me a package of their makeup remover products...

It was delivery in a huge package..

And inside was this big and cute DIY Aids box!

First ->>> Cleansing Oil Cotton Facial Sheets (

The sheet(wipe) was about a palm size and it's not really that moist (if I squeeze hard ... I can squeeze out afew drops of the cleansing oil)... the sheet doesn't feel  rough... quite soft... but, personally I dont like using sheet/wipe to cleanse off my makeup.. too much friction!
It's good for traveling though ^__^

I swatched waterproof eyeliners, liquid liner, mascaras(waterproof), lipstick, foundation and concealer... I put a piece of cleansing sheet on top of the areas.. and let the oil soak and melt the makeup before lightly wiping off.. it removed color makeup really well but doesn't cleanse off waterproof mascaras (I'm using Fasio and Kiss me mascaras)
For the whole face.. I used 4 sheets to fully removed all trace of makeup on my face including mascara, but it doesn't do a good job at removing waterproof mascaras.. I soak up a cotton pad of eye and lip point makeup remover to cleanse off the mascara's residue on the lashes.
Next -> Makeup remover for eye and lip (

I love this point makeup remover!! Before trying this.. my top fave point makeup remover would be from Fasio.. but NOW.. this have move up the list!!
Remember to shake(mix the oil and essence) the point cleansing oil before using.
All I do was soak up a cotton pad(I means really soak it WET..) with the cleansing oil... and I pressed the cotton pad onto my eyelid, covering the whole eye lid for about 20-40secs with abit of pressure (the longer I soaked.. the colors will melt and wipe off easily) and then lightly move the cotton pad in wiping motion(left to right or right to left.. whatever direction you like) to loose up the mascara wax from the lashes before wiping it off.. (Look at the pic below)...

Eyeshadows, liner and mascara came off.. soak another cotton pad to clean off the colors(makeup on the lids) .. didnt need to do alot of wiping and there's not much friction too(I like I like) ... I removed all my face makeup in the shower using cleansing oil ...

This is one of my all time fave cleansing oil from Biore - it does remove waterproof mascaras (Majolica Majorca/Fasio mascaras)


I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration

Friday, January 21, 2011

Very simple everyday LOTD + a super tiny haul from MAC/OPI

I'm using MAC Paintpot "Chilled on Ice" Hazel was asking how the paintpot will look on the lids... it was pretty sheer, but the shimmers were really pretty and it stay on the lids very nicely.

I'm mixing 2 paintpots in this LOTD.. without using any eyeshadows ontop of the cream. Just a skintone eyeshadow for brow's highlight.

Products used:
La Roche-posay UVIDEA XL tinted sunscream, beautymarker eye brightening concealer and Everyday minerals foundation in Light Almond.

Used mostly cream/gel products on this look.. very long lasting and creaseless!
Kate Pink Gel shadow on lower lash line. MAC Chilled on ice paintpot on the lid(2/3 of the lid) and MAC Coral Crepe under my double eyelid's fold (bleng together) Kate gel brow's, Kiss Me mascara+Fiberwig, bourjois eyeliner and MAC blacktrack fluidline as liner. Sleek Pixie Pink blush

I really like this paintpot.. it give my eye a pop of color... I sometimes just used "Chilled on ice" and nothing else! (lolx)..
Well, I cant stop thinking about the other paintpot(Let Me Pop) from the collection... I went back to MAC and get it! And it was the last one from Orchard Tang's MAC(it already sold out at ION Sephora).. lucky me ^__^

Swatches of "Let me POP"

Here a LOTD using "Let Me Pop" paintpot...

I'm using "Let Me Pop" on the lids, MAC Soba(eyeshadow) on the crease and Skintone eyeshadow for brow's highlight. Rest off the stuff on my face was the same as the first LOTD.
"Let Me Pop" is way pigmentated then "Chilled On Ice" .. The base of "Chilled on Ice" was a white translucent pearly cream mix with yellowish gold glitters. As for "Let Me Pop" the base was a orangey copper cream mix with gold glitters.
I ordered the Shatter polish from OPI Katy Perry Collection (SD$14 including postage) from TimTam (learned about this online blog thru Iris)

I have fun playing with it.... (all swatches were topped with topcoat) I need to cut and file my nails (it's abit messy with the uneven length.. lolx)

A thin layer of the shatter will create tiny/small pattern(like the pink base) ..  and the shatter look nicer on shimmery polishes!

Oh I also got another cleansing oil (It's contain SOY oil!) SD$14.90 @ Watsons

I will do a review on this cleansing oil.. if it GOOD! lolx

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

LOTD: Afterparty...

The 2nd LOTD using Sugarpill palettes ^__^  (I wanna try the red color next ... hopefully I wont look horrible! lolx)
I mix Midori(Green) and Afterparty(Blue) ... look abit teal-ish (Man afterparty look so good on the lids! <3)

Products Used::
Sunblock :: 
La Roche-Posey UVIDEA XL (Tinted cream for even complexion) SPF50 PA+++
Primer/base :: 
Lancome La Base primer
Foundation :: 
TARTE ReCreate Foundation in Ivory 02(On the outer of my face.. cos it's abit orangey) and Skin79 Diamond Absolute Total BB Cream (on my T-zone - melt into my skin and gave me a dewy nude skin (love))

Concealer :: 
BeautyMarker Eye brightening concealer in ivory(for under eyes) (Forgot to include it in the pic)
Setting ::
Nature Republic 4D Flowery powder (I mix the yellow and the green together)
Blushes ::  
 MAC creamblend blush in Joie-De-Vivre, Anna Sui pink blush and Revlon Bake bronzer for contour

Base ::  
Too Faced shadow insurance

Eyeshadows ::
SugarPill SweetHeart palette Midori(green) on the lid and blend out
Afterparty(blue) on the outer lid and blend in and out onto the crease
Tako(white) as brow's highlight
Buttercupcake(yellow)(from the Burning heart palette) on the inner corner and lower lash line.
Mascaras :: 
Fiberwig + Kiss Me lengthening mascara
Liners :: 
Bourjois Khol & Contour(blk liner) + Nature Republic pearl liner on lower lash lines as base for the Sugarpill's buttercupcake(yellow) And MAC Siahi fluidline(blue)

Lip :: 
Anna Sui Moisturizing lip Rouge G in 700