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Personally, I never tried any spa or body massage before... [wait... I should re-phase it].... I never try any massaging outside my home before. My dad do all the massage for me when I sprain my back/ankle or pull a vein and ects...

Well, the 2 main reasons I don't do massaging outside are ::
#1 -  I really don't like people touching my neck..  I will tense up immediately, resulting pulling a vein on my back :( 

#2 - I don't like to be "naked" outside.... I cannot bare the ideas of showing my body to stranger! (I guess alot of ppls feel the same way right?? Or was it only me???)

So I almost didn't accept this invitation! Anyway, I told myself that I should at least try it once and I'm glad that I did...  it was relaxing and very nice (I got no other experiences to compare with... but I do know stuff about skin! lolx)... it doesn't feel that scary as I thought it would be!(lolx)

Adonis Mediterranean spa is located at Festive Hotel,Resort World Sentosa.. 

Mediterranean spa dedicated to bring us the quintessence of well-being through ethereal treatments inspired by an exquisite range of Mediterranean-Eco Friendly products.

And this year, Adonis bring us the Mediterranean Xmas Package!
A 120mins of treatment of Detox Steam, Caviar Scrub and Warm Argan Deluxe Massage.

Caviar Scrub (Pure Caviar with aloe vera)
Anti aging-A rich souffle exfoliating scrub that uses two potent anti aging ingredients, grape seed oil and caviar to buff away the dead skin cells and fine lines are plumped to reveal youthful looking skin.

Warm Deluxe Argan Massage
Submerge and tranquilize in our Marine Therapy with essential oils and Babacu plant extracts(Argan shell, Lavender butter, Mandarin butter, Sal butter, Sunflower oil, Essential oil complex(mint, lemon, lavender, rockrose), Oilve, sweet almonds(rich in vit A and E), Grape Seeds, Aloe Vera and Palm Wax). Made into a candle form. The scent was soothing and the warm wax will leave a lingering silky feel on the skin while restoring the vital elements the body lacks.


I got to enjoy the treatment in a private couple room (No I didn't share it with anyone.. thankfully! lolx)

The tub was located at the side front of the 2 massage beds(What was this kind of bed called??? Massage table???)

Without the light...(using flash)

The shower/steam/changing room...

ME... ^__^

My experiences::

The Detox Steam:: It was warm, but it doesn't make me feel HOT or stuffy.. feel really comfy siting inside... The steam taste abit sweet (well, how I know... cos when I breathe in using my mouth.. it taste sweet, lolx), I almost lost my time in there... 

The Caviar Scrub:: (Now I have to be naked infront of the masseuse!!!! Scary... I keep telling the masseuse that I really cannot take my mind off that I was being naked under the towel(I do have paper undies la) but.. I'm still super naked lor. Anyway, the loverly masseuse make me feel really comfy... she keep joking with me and it does help to take my mind off the idea of me being under dress!(lolx)

I LOVE the caviar scrub! It feel cooling and it abit feel abit tingling(cos of the caviar bursting on my skin(I think)... after the scrub, my skin doesn't feel tights or have the stinging sensation I always have after using fruit body scrub. My skin feel so moisturizing and soft after I rinse off the scrub from my body.. I can't stop touching myself la!!

The Warm Argan Deluxe Massage:: (here come the massage...  ) ... the wax was warm, thick and smooth on the skin and Oh My gosh... the massage was really comfortable(from the chest down)... but I do feel a tiny pain around my neck areas, that was I was so tense(as I mention before... don't like ppls touching my neck) .. so I keep talking to the masseuse to make me think less of it and after awhile I relaxed.. and it does feel GOOD!!!! (I didn't need to rinse off the wax.. it was kinda like I just apply cream all over my body.. doesn't feel too oily.)

I enjoyed the 120mins ... and my skin feel really smooth and hydrated for about 3days! (Meaning, I didn't apply any body lotion and sleeping in AC room)

Now two pretty babes will get to enjoy the spa... Adonis will be giving away 2 treatment packages, (worth $376 each with entrance to sentosa)

Just email your particulars ( NRIC, contact number and name) to [ ]
With Subject heading : Chantana loves Resort spa Mediterranean Xmas Promo

Promotion 50% off mechanics

Well, if you didn't win, no worry...  you will get to enjoy the treatment of detox steam and mediterranean spa refreshment at 50% off at SD$188 (Usual Price SD$376 with complimentary entrance to sentosa). Just code Mediterranean Xmas when making appointment.

Resort Spa located at Festive Hotel Level 3 Resort World Sentosa
Tel : 6884 9303

Thanks Adonis for the inviting me down for this relaxing experience.