Saturday, December 04, 2010

November 2010 Skincare routine

I have been trying alot of different brands of skincares over the pass months, even thought they were from various brands but they were all under the same range "Hydrating" (because I knew that I will have minimium risk of breaking out from using them! lolx)

Normally I will try to avoid Whitening range (I don't mind about using whitening sunblock or toner) but not on their serum or moisturizer.. cos, it always cause crazy breaks out on me(Itchy and painful!!)  "shake head"

Well, the main purpose of this entry was that I have received a few emails asking me how I'm going to use different products together(Like use different type of serums together or different brands.)
In November, I have been trying 2 new brands: Rojukiss(for spot lightening serums + sunblock) and Heme(moisturizing)

OK.. let start .... Cleanser...

KOSE Clear Lotion, SANA Easy Peel cleansing water and Nature Republic Rice cleanser foam.
Remove makeup with KOSE Junkisei Prime Cleansing OiI (Forgot to add this in the pic)

I love to use cleansing water to cleanse my face before heading out(mostly in the afternoon, try to avoid using it in the morning).

Cleansing water(or peeling water) is a mild exfoliator that will removes dead skin and dirts, it can be use daily. (especially good for sensitive skin and acne prone skin)

How to use.. soak up a cotton pad and pat it all all over the face then lightly massage in circular motion to remove dead skin and dirts).. you won't need to rinse it with water after that.

Follow by toner(or lotion water)

I'm using SANA Namerakahonpo moisture skin lotion (toner) (I'm almost finishing my 2nd bottles)

Eyecreams: The Bodyshop Wisewoman eyecream and Clinelle eye bright (Not really liking the Clinelle eyebright, abit too watery and doesn't absorb fast/well into the skin.. So I mix both, cos Thebodyshop one doesn't lighten dark circles, but it was a great hydrating and soothing eyecreams Have been using it for more then 2yrs now)

Serums: Rojukiss Stem cell lightening dark spot serum first before using B.liv black head out serum on my T-zone. On days when I feel that my skin was abit dry or tight, I will use Heme Rose Serum.
If wanna mix different type of serums... always start with Whitening follow by anti-aging/wrinkles) and lastely moisturizing(hydrating one.. always use last)

Moisturizer:: I'm using Heme Rose moisturizer.  Twice a week, I will use the Heme night Jelly (Heme review coming up soon)

Masks: Heme facial masks and eye mask(I use it once or twice a week)

Sunblock:: I will either use B.liv Got me Covered sunblock+foundation or Nature Republic Alaska sunblock cream or Rojukiss Stem Cell SPF 50 Sunblock(review coming up soon) or DHC Acne care sunblock (this is abit drying on me... but the oil control was the best!)

Acne treatment: For Huge bump,  normally use Nexcare Acne Patch, and those already popped bump, I will use B.liv Spot got shot

Do you have any special skincare routine? I wanna start using Pore minimizer serum .. I have tried the Elizebeth Arden Extreme White Glove Pore minimizer... but it doesn't show any visible improvement.

Just OK OK for me.....