Thursday, December 09, 2010

Kinohimitsu Detox Juice: Cranberry Flavour

Completed my 6days program for detoxing last week...


Shake well before drinking it...

Nutrition Facts....

For any type health supplement (be it beauty or detox) it's best to take in "Liquid" form cos it's better for absorption. (Normally when we need detox, our body might be filled up with alot of toxin and it decrease the absorption when we take pills or in "solid" form).

  •  For first time user... it's best to take the 6days program. Drink a bottle of detox juice everyday for 6days.
For those without constipation problems... take the 6days program twice a year.
  •  For serious constipation problems: Please do a 6days program every month for the first 6months.
Then you can try do it every 3months until you condition have reduce.

My first impression of the Detox Juice in Cranberry flavour: It taste abit bitter, not sour or very sweet.. Just nice. The bitter taste might be the result from the mixture of berries concentrate. It doesn't taste like cranberry.... more like mix berries juice. It's a small bottle.. and when I was trying to figure out the taste.. I already finished all!(lolx)
It mention that it will induces smooth bowel motion within 2-4 hrs after drinking the detox juice.... WOW.. I went to the toilet to clear my bowel after 2hours!!!! Hmm.. I'm not really sure I went to the toilet because of the juice, since I always clear my bowel at night :P

I used to have serious constipation(Only clear my bowel like every 3-4days.. and it was so dry... cos I don't really like oily foods before) but all these changed when I start drinking milk and take foods that contain more fatty acid(do note that not every body can include MILK in their diet..  but I do put on weights becos of milk too... I only like full cream milk! lolx)
If you are curious about my milk diet -> I have like 2- 3 glasses of milk each day(about 500 to 750CC of Milk), I will drink it alone or add in my coffee.
Before, I do drink milk often(around 1glass every 2days), but not as much as these few years! When I start to experiences skin problems due to hormones mess up and irregular menses... I google it... and some suggestion say milk might be the answer to it... so I increase my milk intake each day and after 1month plus.. I do see visible results and I keep my milk diet from then since!! (And it been 3yrs already..and I'm not going to stop.. maybe switch to low fat?!?!?)

Anyway... back to the detox juice..
2nd day
clear my bowel after 1hr 30 mins from drinking the juice.. and this time the feaces(this sound nicer then "sh*t right?? lolx) was really soft!!!!! (It smell different too... eeek! Bleh~~~

3rd to 6th days
Clear my bowel after 1 hr from drinking the juice.. and I have liquid faeces(kinda like diarrhea but one once a day after drinking the juice)  till the end of the course!
On the 7th day(without drinking the detox juice) my faeces went back to normal.. but liquid anymore! (So it does prove that the juice really clearing my system!)

After the 6days program, I do feel lighter but doesn't look slimmer or lost any weight. Doesn't experience any discomfort or unpleasant feeling during the 6 days. 

Check out their website for more details and more selection of products::