KOSE Junkisei Prime Cleansing Oil (Review)

Saw this Voucher at John Little few days ago when I was going to get a backup of the KOSE Junkisei Prime Cleansing oil. (Have to print it out to use it! So I walk out of John little without purchasing anything! lolx ... going to get it with the voucher.. it's $6 discount!!)

Click on the pic to print the full size. (If you want to purchase more then 1 item.. just print more, cos each voucher only can use on 1 Junkisei item)

Valid from 17th November to 16 December 2010

The voucher can be use at BHG (bugis/Tampines/Chao Chu Kang/Bishan)
ALT at Hereen, John Little (Plaza Singapure, Marina Square, Jurong Point)
Check out Beatrice review on the full range

OK, here's the review of the cleansing oil

The texture of the cleansing oil was light and easy to spread around the face without tugging the skin

Emulsify with water..  it turn into this milky slimy texture..

When emulsify the oil with water, it feel like a slimy watery gel like texture ... so thick that, I feel it will lift up all trace of makeup effortlessly!

And OMY, it does remove waterproof mascara easily(especially Majolica Majorca Mascaras) and MM lash bone fiber (mascara base)

For those who have tried the Majolica Majorca lash bone before knew that it was really hard to remove.. even using powerful cleansing oil.. it still need to double cleanse to fully remove it! But with this, it cleanse off easily!

Anyway, it does took awhile to rinse off the cleansing oil with water, becos it was so slimy. I don't mind it at all(cos it also means more time rinsing the face and make sure all the dirt and makup was removed), as long as it not super oily one (like Kanebo cleansing oil).

Face feel clean, not oily or like those really clean type (that feel like when you run your finger over a clean plate). 

Face doesn't feel dry or tight.

Now, with the $6 off, it's a good time to try it (Don't you think? lolx)
Retail price: SD$18.90