Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Rimmel Goodies Hamper

 2 weeks ago, I received an email telling me that I won the Cleo July Rimmel Hamper worth SD$100..  so I dig out the magazine and see what I have won... nope, didn't mention any products in this spread.

And this is what I got...

Upclose on the lip glosses...

Pressed powder (I tried this at the Rimmel workshop last year.. doesn't have much coverage... but the texture wasn't that bad)

-Duo pencil liner (2shades of green)
-Liquid liner (Purple)
-Nail base coat

I thought the hamper will have at least one of their new concealer or foundation..  since they are promoting it on the giveaway spread! lolx 

Don't be greedy Chantana! :P


Edit: 06 OCT 2010 (Swatches of one of the lipgloss)

Vinyl Gloss: Mirror Shine lipgloss

Here's my quick first impression on the lipgloss:

-pigmentated, abit hard to get an even coat on the lips(well, I guess it's normal for a translucent lipglosses right? No??)
-Texture feel like normal lipglosses, not so sticky.
-Feels abit only on the lips.