Saturday, October 30, 2010

Party with Dove @ The Lantern


On Monday 25th October,  Dove invited me and some beauty bloggers(Mag, Iris, Christy, Kas and Sara) to check out their newly revamped haircare series. (Damage Therapy) at Fullerton Bay Hotel : The Lantern.

The Lantern was located at the roof of The Fullerton Bay Hotel... very pretty and relaxing place... full of cozy sofas, couple bed-sofas(day beds?) and beautiful view!

Waiting for others to reach... we walk around the beautiful place and took some pics..

Kas ( and Mag (

Now... Yummy foods...

After the fun chitchatting, foods and filling us with all the information on the newly re-vamped Dove Damage Therapy range... we browse around and took more pics...

Sorry that the pics look too yellowish.. I didn't want to use flash to ruin the romantic lighting! lolx

With Iris (

With Iris and Kas

With Christy ( and Sara (


The pool that welcome us when we step out the elevator!

Back to the Dove Damage Therapy....

Sharon show use the US and Local Dove TV commerical ads. (Personally, I prefer the US one)

I can't find the latest local ad on Youtube(I guess most of you have seen it on TV).. lolx 

From the press release:
Minimise your hair damage - not only on the hair surface where you can see and feel it - but also repair it from the inside with pioneering innovations from Dove. The new Dove Therapy System Intense Repair, is a range of shampoos, conditioners and high performance treatments that contain new Patented Fibre Active Technologies and Micro Moisture serums.
Unlike other shampoos and conditioners, which often just mask the symptoms of damage, Dove’s breakthrough Fibre Active Technologies contain small molecules that penetrate the hair fibres. They not only repair the hair’s damaged surface but also penetrate deep into the hair core to repair damaged fibres within to effectively restructure and restore hair from the inside out.

80% of women suffer from damaged hair, so why not try this simple test to see if yours is in need of some daily repair?  Take a single hair and curl it with your finger as if you were curling a ribbon. Drop the curled hair into a glass of water and it should regain its original form. If it takes time to spring back, then it’s not as healthy as it could be.

The above 2pics: Are the hair are advanced damage diagnostic tool - to measure the condition of hair within seconds. This would be available in all stores soon for customers to check their hair conditions.  

DOVE DAMAGE THERAPY Intense Repair Prist List
Dove Shampoo::
90ml -  Price SD$1.95
375ml - Price SD$7.70
700ml - Price SD$11.70

Dove Conditioner
350ml - Price SD37.70
700ml - Price SD$11.90

Daily Treatment Conditioner
200ml - SD$9.90

Dove Treatment Mask
200ml - Price SD$10.90

Dove Leave-on
40ml(Moisture Serum) - SD$8.90
120ml - SD$7.05

Dove Overnight treatment
120ml - SD$12.90

The Goodies from the goodies bag ^__^

Mini Review:
I have been using the shampoo since that day I received it... and I don't hate it.  I use it for afew days with just the shampoo only and.. it make my super oily scalp feel dry(not sticky or oily.. the dry I'm refering means...nice refreshing kind of dry (dry and wet type of dry... not those super dry that make the scalp feel itchy and uncomforable.. you get what I means???).

For me... I love a shampoo that will keep my scalp dry and the root of my hair feel fluffy and also give me volume/thickness! (That what I feel when I'm using Dove). My hair feel soft, thick and very fluffy <3 

The only things I don't like was the lack of oil control means.. if I'm going to stay outdoor under the hot sun for the whole day.. I need a more powderful for oily hair type of shampoo.. this only good for normal days or for indoor.

As for conditioner, I hardly use any (unless for review purposes).. I don't like it because, I always find conditioner too heavy for me, always weighing down my limpy, oily hair! But this conditioner doesn't... it make my hair feel so cotton smooth and fluffy! I don't hate it. (lolx)

After almost aweek of using the shampoo rotating with conditioner and leave-on serum.. I find that I have less hair breakage (I like, I like..). My younger sister who have thick and dry hair love the leave-on serum! She say make her hair feel soft and straight)  

Thanks Sharon(Dove Singapore) and Joyce/Choon Mei ( for the wonderful and fun invitation!