Clinelle "Happy Skin Happy Face" bloggers dinner session


On Tuesday (05th Oct 2010), I was invited along with afew beauty bloggers to preview Clinelle new products and also(for me la, cos I knew nothing about this brand) introducing the brand. The event was held at the Heart Bistro, Palais Renaissance.

This is A monster! The mirror/dark light(??) inside shown all the horrible dots of clogged pores and dehydration on my face! Arrgggggg!!!

Joyce Sept getting her face checked!!

It really pointed out the skin conditions that I'm facing!! I have black/white heads around my nose/chin and dryness on the upper check, around my lips and eyebrows! (There's no escape when you put your face inside!!!! lolx)

The session start with Helin : introducing Clinelle two new products (BlackHead control gel and Brightening Serum). She also mentioned that they recently re-packaged their products. (I wonder how's their first generation packaging look like?)

Follow by Jasmine (Makeup Trainer) introducing the whole range of clinelle products and doing demo on cleanse, tone and moisture with some facial massages (it the same technique as Robin Niu (Niu Er))


After that we have our yummy dinner. I have Pan roasted Beef Tenderloin (Yum!)

And dessert (Fruits and lemon sorbet)

Most of them are having Roasted Black Cod with baby spinach and edamame in a Ginger broth.

They also invited a Caricaturist to sketch cartoonist portraits for everyone ^__^

(Check out my chin! lolx)

 About Clinelle (taken from their offical website)

Clinelle's are free from::
- artificial colouring
- artificial fragrance
- comedogenic ingredients
- Lanolin
- Mineral oil
- SD- Alcohol

Effectively providing protection against skin irritations, clogged pores, dehydration, allergies and reducing skin sensitization and breakouts. 

Here are some of the products I find it interesting!
(New product) Brightening Serum 

(new Product) Blackhead Control Gel

Blemish Conceal & Clear Stick (This feel good! I like the texture.. creamy but not thick and cakey)

I didn't have a clear shot of the swatches :(

Oil free smoothing compact SPF 18(4shades)
The powder feel really fine (OOh.. the ingredients are so amazing)

Check out the goodness of this smoothing compact!

The UV Defense, lightweight and not sticky at all!

Pics time ^__^

With June and Joyce Sept

 With Iris

With Jasmine and Jessie

Goodies Bag!

(Won't be using the products soon (I might try the mask first).. cos I'm trying another brand now, I will start using Clinelle next week maybe..)

Check out more about Clinelle from::
Facebook page : Clinelle Singapore

Wanna win some goodies from Clinelle?
Just "like" the blog entry you love on Clinelle Singapore FB page(Under "Photo") "Blog, Like & Win"

Read Mag (makeupstash) reviews on Eye bright, Soothing Skin Toner and Purifying Toner

Products Pricelist:
Caring Milk Cleanser SD$17.95 (100ml)
Deep Cleansing gel SD$17.95 (100ml)
Skin Soothing toner SD$19.95 (200ml)
Purifying Toner SD$19.95 (200ml)
Intense Skin Moisturizer SD$29.90 (50ml)
Moisture Glow SD$24.95 (50ml)
Skin Smoothing Scrub SD$15.50 (50ml)
Lip Solution SPF36 SD$10.95 (5gm)
Eye Bright SD$29.95 (15ml)
Blemish Clear Mask SD$39.90 (50ml)
(New)Blackhead Control Gel SD$25.90 (15ml)
Blemish Clear SD$16.95 (15ml)
Blemish COnceal & Clear Stick SD$16.95 (0.28g)
SnoWhite Mask SD$39.95 (50ml)
(New) Brightening Serum SD$35.90 (20ml)
UV Defense SPF 28 White SD$39.95 (50ml)
UV Defense SPF 20 Tinted Natural Shade SD$39.95 (50ml)
Moisture Booster SD$45.95 (20ml)
Line Erase and Brightening concentrate SD$35.55 (30ml)
Oil Free Smoothing Compact SPF 18 (4shades) SD$29.90

Thanks Clinelle for the invitation ^__^