A little collective hauls

A little collective haul from Nature Republic, SANA, ZA and more....

Buibui look so cute right? kekekee  .....  anyway, I didn't do much shopping on beauty products lately! :P

Nature Republic Ice Jelly Primer in Cherry(Pink-radiance/even out skintone) and Blueberry(lavender - brightening).

They also have Lemon (Yellow- oil- control) and Melon (Mint - for Moisturizing) (Price:SD$19.90 each)

The product look like yummy pudding! lolx ...


Nature Republic Mung bean cleanser foam (SD$6.90)

Click for larger size

Free gifts

Nature Republic Nail polish SD$5+ (can't remember the price)

Collected the Nature Republic Collagen bbcream sample (part of their bday party goodies bag)

Free Dejavu mascara from spotting TheSampleStore on Orchard Road last month.

+miwitch Jones  gave me some Rohto eyedrop + some alcohol wipes

Royal Wing shampoo - SD$9.90
(I love this.. make my hair feel fuller and with good oil-control for super oily scalp!)

click for larger pic

Za Cleansing oil SD$13.90 (buy 1 get 1 free.. oops..the promotion already ended!)

click for larger pic

KOSE Junkiser Prime oil cleansing (SD$18.90)

click for larger pic

SANA Namerakahonpo Moisture Skin Lotion (review) PriceSD$19.90

Click for larger pic

Oops.. I peel off the label.. but I smeared it when I try to smooth it out  :P  Well.. still can see the ingredients list clearly.

That's all! lolx ^__^

I have been MIA for awhile... because, when I was reformatting my computer on Sunday, careless and silly me accidently deleted my external harddisk (that was my backup!!!!!) All my memories from these few years just wipe off in ONE click :( 

I lost all my data, pics(family, friends, doggies and especially my precious momo's pics and home videos!!!!), mp3, videos.. everythings!! Including pics i took for upcoming blog entries!

I will try to recover my external harddisk - for now, it's unplugged and kept aside so that I won't make it worse!!! I need to get another external harddisk for recovery.. because, I don't feel safe, saving all the saved files on my internal harddisk(cos this computer very crappy la.. it gave me tons of problems after reformatted - resulting afew more reformatting to get the errors off! "shake head") and also I need a bigger size harddisk!(My crappy comp too small la!)

Have to put on hold for afew reviews cos I don't have the pics now.... (they are waiting for me to recover them from the reformatted drive)

Now... please don't be as silly and careless as me... backup and keep it away from the computer if you trying to reformatt your comp! lolx