Saturday, September 11, 2010

Review: SANA Natural Resource for Sensitive Skin

Back in July, I've attended the SANA Natural Resource Sensitive Skin Bloggers Challange discussion group and I received a set of the SANA Natural Resource skincare products to try out.

I have been using the whole range for more then a month now... and I'm going to share with you how I felt about the products(It's review time! ^__^)

On this entry.. I'm going to focus more on skincares (as for the foundations/bases.. it will be on another entry.)

More products informations ->> here <<-
Check out SANA Natural Resource website ->> here <<-

The whole set that I got with local pricing selling @ SASA
  • Cleansing oil : Price: SD$34.90 for 180 ml
  • Foamed Wash : Price: SD$28.90 for 160 ml
  • Skin lotion M(which is toner)  : Price: SD$38.90 for 180 ml
  • Essence lotion: Price SD$44.90 for 180 ml
  • Milk lotion (this is a lotion/moisturizer) : Price SD$38.90 for 150 ml
  • Cream : Price SD$42.90 for 35g
  • Moist Skincare powder 24h : Price SD$34.90 for 10g

All Natural Resource Products are Additive-free
SANA Natural Resource Cleansing Oil
Let see how watery this cleansing oil are ^__^
Add in a little of water to emulsify the oil (it's actually more milky then this... )
My thoughts::
Well, most of you already know that I love this kind of cleansing oil (which need to emulsify before washing off).. so from my experiences, almost  all this type of cleansing oils were really GOOD!!!! (The differences was the texture and the cleansing power).
This cleansing oil feels like almost all the cleansing oil that I've tried and love(I have tried this cleansing oil before.. so when I received this I was over the top! lolx). I prefer cleansing oil that we apply dry on the face(with dry hands) and emulsify to a milky texture before washing off with water. Personally, I find that this type of cleansing oil are most suitable for oily combination or sensitive skin. (It doesn't clogged up the pores or irritate the hell out of my sensitive skin).
-> the cleansing oil is light and watery(easy to spread around the whole face without using too much)
-> have a nice and refreshing scents
-> Good cleansing power (removed waterproof makeup well.. especially mascara from Majolica Majorca)
Just need to sock the lashes abit longer(by pressing lightly over the lashes with 2 fingers) with the oil to melt off the waterprood mascara.
-> emulsify and wash off very easily without feeling greasy or tightness on the skin
-> Skin feel smooth and soft
SANA Natural Resource Foamed Wash
My thoughts:From the website, it said that this foamed wash will removes impurities and dead skin completely and the foam is very gentle on our skin.
  • The foam was really dense...
  •  Cleanse my face really well(my skin feel really clean!!!!!!)
  • doesn't make my skin feel tight or dry after I towel dry(pat dry my face)
  • Didn't cause any break-out on me
  • Mild enough for my sensitive skin.. yet good enough for my oily combination skin.
I feel that it cleanse the sebum released on my skin surface very well but doesn't strip off the moisture on/under the skin. Because I do not feel any dryness or tightness after I cleanse my face (Do I made any sense here??? The feeling was know when you slide your finger on a clean plate.. it got that kind of feel.. but surprising the skin doesn't feel tight/dry!)

SANA Natural Resource Skin Lotion M(which is a toner)

My thoughts:
According to the website, this is a rich skin lotion that absorbs well into the skin and prep it for lotion/moisturizer. I find the the it was pretty light in texture and normal for a toner(doesn't feel that rich.. just average)
I soak up a cotton pad, wipe it all over my face before patting it.. I pat until I feel that my skin feel cool(use the back of your hand to feel it.. )when it feel cooling, it means that the lotion/toner was welly absorbed into the skin. (You can feel that the skin was pretty moist and supple)
The lotion doesn't have a slimy texture (like hada labo and most of the toner, I've tried.. even Biotherm SOS also feel atiny bit slimy).. it's just very watery!
  • doesn't irritate my skin.
  • Absorb really fast
  • Nice refreshing and calming scent
  • It work really well with the Milk lotion and cream.

SANA Natural Resource Essence Lotion A

My thoughts::
According to their website, this essence was meant for dry, damage skin and it's a rich essence for special treatment.

The texture was abit thicker compare to the skin lotion.. but if I was to compare this essence to a normal essence, it's way lighter and watery. It doesn't feel that rich.. but it a nice extra step before using moisturizer/milk lotion/cream.

But I do find that when I'm having a bump.. it will made my bump to become more reddish and abit painful. So I guess it does feel abit too rich for irrated skin. So I avoid using this when I'm having some skin inflammation bumps(due to the hot/humid weather.. the famous weather's bump! lolx) on my lower cheeks. If your are someone who have irriated/acne prone skin.. you can skip this.

SANA Natural Resource Milk Lotion

My thoughts::This was a pretty normal milk lotion(it feel like a normal light moisturizer which was meant for acne prone skin). I do not find it too special, just average.. but I believe it would be good for acne prone skin.. cos it was light weight yet moisturizing enough without irritate the bumps(acnes) or cause any dryness on the skin.
Personally, I find that this milk lotion wasn't moisturizing enough for me... but what surprising was that it doesn't make my skin feel dry. I did not find any dry patches on my drier skin(which is around my upper cheeks). I'm just very picky.. I prefer intense moisturizing products that doesn't feel greasy or too rich/thick in texture(lolx)

  •  The Milk lotion was pretty light in texture
  •  Non sticky
  •  Absorb pretty well into the skin
  •  Like the other Natural Resource products have a nice refreshing scent
  •  Doesn't feel too heavy on my skin nor causing any break-out
SANA Natural Resource Cream

The cream was pretty thick and dense(is that the righth word??) not watery... but, when you rub the cream on your palm.. it turn into this watery texture (Like it!!)

My thoughts::
This is a nice cream... it was pretty thick in texture(as you can see from the above pics). But it doesn't feel greasy or sticky at all! And when you rub the cream on the palms.. it turn into this light and watery texture(amazingly in love with it) and when I applied this on my skin.. it feel so light and nice!
  • Doesn't feel greasy or thick when applied on the skin
  • Very moisturizing
  • Absorb really well
  • Skin feel soft and supple
  • Doesn't cause any break-out, even when I applied this over my "weather's bumps" it doesn't irritate "them" at all!
  • I'm so in love with the scent.. so relaxing and refreshing
SANA Natural Resource Moist Skincare powder 24h
My thoughts::
This 24h moisture powder is a night time powder(use before you go to bed) was to seal in moisture after your skincare routine. And it make your skin feel smooth if you don't like the way your skin feel after applying skincares.

The powder is super fine and make your skin feel smooth. I've tried this before and I love it.. cos when I'm not sleeping in AC room, after applying skincares.. skin will have this wet kind of feels and after awhile my skin will start to feel abit sticky(due to humid weather and my combination skin).. by applying this powder.. my skin feel powdery smooth. I didn't use this often as I do not feel any wetness on my skin(cos I'm sleeping in AC most of the time now.. lolx.. I need to get a new fan.. I miss sleeping in the wind.. lolx)  :P

My overall thougts on this skincares range:
I do not find that it was super amazing.. but it was Good! I have sensitive skin and my face always have a bit of redness on my cheeks... when I start using this range, I feel that the redness on my upper cheeks was tone down (amazing!) ... but it doesn't fade my acne's scarring(well.. it was not meant to fade/whitening the skin! lolx.. I'm just hope it will! heehee)

When I'm using the whole range in the morning and night for the first 2 weeks.. I find that the moisturizing level was pretty average(not intense enough for my liking).. but I DO NOT have any dry patches on skin!!!.. I find this pretty COOL.. normally, if the products wasn't moisturizing enough. I will spotted afew dry patches around my face especially on my upper cheeks.. but I found none. So I guess it does work from within my skin.. I means under the skin surface(?!?).

But because of our "on and off" hot and humid weathers.. I have some "weather's bumps" (skin inflammation bumps) on my lower right cheeks.. then I knew that I need some intense moisturizing to keep my skin well hyrate to reduce the chance of having more "weather's bumps". So I rotated Hada Labo/Aqua Moist/Aqualable MO skincares products on day time (I find these 3 products are GREAT moisturizing products yet still feel light on my skin). And using SANA Natural Resouce at night. And I love the combo!!! My "Weather's bumps" were calmed, reduce alor and that make me very happy ^___^ heheehe

And bad news was... recently I have been doing alot of power walking with my sisters(this week)... try having to walk for more then 2-3hrs under burning hot sun.. hai~ (My body feels good... not so much for my lower cheeks!) 

I did use sunblock.. but sunblock cant help much if my skin was dehydrated! lolx) No worries, have been doing alot of hydrating works to calm my angry "weather's bumps" ^_^  plus drinking alot of water. 

(Do look out for my other entry on the makeup range ^__^)

I know.. have been doing alot of reviewing entries lately, party because... I have been too lazy to update(lolx..) hence all reviews being push together :P  I have a couple of LOTD entries coming up soon (And if you have any colors that you would love to see me do on my eyes/request.. let me know thru email / PM / comment / tweet (anyway you like.. as long as it reaches me.)

I am not affiliated by SANA/Noevir Group, all reviews published here were base on my own opinions and experiences. Products were provided for consideration.