Review: Dentiste Plus White Toothpaste

Introducing Dentiste the only effective night time toothpaste. It controls oral bacteria effectively and gives fresh morning breath, which leads to good oral and body health. It has been researched and developed for better maintenance to retain the best quality of toothpaste for all oral problems. 
(Sound so good right?)

1) Dentiste' Plus White Perfect Gum & Tooth Protection
2) Dentiste' Plus White Premium Herbapeutic Toothpaste

More pics spams on the products...
1)Dentiste' Plus White Perfect Gum & Tooth Protection

The DM... (Click on the pics for full size)

Check out the texture of this toothpaste..

My review:This "Dentiste' Plus White Perfect Gum & Tooth Protection" texture was kinda runny.. not like normal toothpaste.

I use this in the morning... Tried using this at night and it work great too!
  • feel abit warm when I brush it againt my teeth(I use electric toothbrush).. minty and not super sweet.
  • Easy to rinse off.
  • I brush my teeth around 3-5 mins and leave on for 1 mins
    (I have issue with any kind of toothpaste, I can't stand the taste(it me la)... and luckily this doesn't taste too thick and funny for me)
  • After I rinise off.. my teeth feel really clean and when I run my tongue around the surface of my teeth, it feel like I have a shield covering my teeth. (I like it... smooth and nice)
  • My teeth does look abit brighter.

2) Dentiste' Plus White Premium Herbapeutic Toothpaste (Nighttime toothpaste)

It not really big tube nor small...

The paste was rather dry(but doesn't feel dry during brushing) I like that it wasn't messy when I try to squeeze out the paste!

Let compare both toothpaste...

My Review:
For the first 3days(I only use this nighttime toothpaste in the morning and night... becos I wanna know whether this work anot)

  • Teeth feel really clean
  • I do not have bad breath(Well.. I like to think so), doesn't have those seriously sour stinky breath(lolx).. but after using this... my mouth feel really fresh after brushing and scentless in the morning - not even the saliva smell(lolx...)
  • Doesn't have minty breath in the morning (this is not a miracle product! lolx)..
  • the flow of saliva also become lesser
  • teeth doesn't look whiter.. but it does look a bit brighter.

If I have to pick JUST one.. I will pick the Dentiste' Plus White Perfect Gum & Tooth Protection... cos I love the way it made my teeth feel!

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