Tuesday, September 07, 2010

DHC, KATE, The Bodyshop... tiny haul...

Last Saturday... after a nice breezy 3 hours power walk with my sisters in the afternoon... we head over to Orchard to meet my mum for dinner. (Have you all tried 4fingers spicy wings? It's Yummy!!!! I can't get enough of it! lolx)

I went to Watsons to check out the DHC new Acne care makeup base range... ooh.. so loving the texture of the sunblock lotion!

DHC Acnecare UVProtection Milk (Price SD$31.00 @ Watsons)

Kate Gel Shadow (GD-1 = GOLD) Price SD$14.50 @ Watsons


I normally use a brush(blending brush) to pick up the gel shadow and apply on the lids (finger dont pick up the color well)

3M Nexcare Acne Patch (SD$7.95 @Watsons)
I love these <3<3<3

My sister got this...
Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Waterproof Gel Liner in Deep Black (Price:: SD$21.90 @ Watsons)

The Bodyshop Rainforest Hair Care range (For oily Hair) Original Price SD$16.90
Promotion price SD$12.90

I also got the Baked-to-last-colours eyeshadow in 08 Amethyst SD$22.90 (Now they having 25% discount)


A small kabuki brush (Price SD$10 got it at Orchard Central Open door fair)

3 pair of earrings for SD$5.00 @ Orchard Central Open door fair (Their store located at Level 6)

That's all... I try not to do more hauling as I have alot of new stuff waiting for me to play with! lolx (Well... but you all know la.. when it comes to makeup/skincares... I can't help it! lolx)