Monday, September 27, 2010

Careful with your eyes...

Last night I was using the KOSE clear lotion to double clean my face.. and when I did a quick wipe of the cotton(soak with clear lotion) pad on my eye lids... the lotion went into my eyes!!(It never happened before) and it sting so badly! I just blink my eyes and continues whatever I was doing (I didn't go and rinse my eyes right away, because my eyes feel ok after blinking... Silly me).

Then after afew hours... my eyes start to feel really really dry.. and when I look at the mirror... this was what I saw (this is my right eyes) Can't really see much.. but when I look at the mirror.. the bottem half was really red and upper half was white (can see a line in the middle... It scares me!)

I know.. to some ppls... eyes being this(refer to the pic) was pretty normal to them.. but not eyes are always white and hardly red... unless I don't have enough sleep.. it will look abit red.. but won't see this much of veins in the eye ball. And it feel really really uncomfortable!! Super dry and when I close my eyes.. I can feel the sores!

My left eyes::

My right eyes suffer the most.. as for the left, just a tiny bit dry and redness(on the bottem half of the eye)! So I got the eye bath, hopefully it will relief some of the dryness! (cos my eye drops doesn't help much!)

Normally, my eye look like this..

When I first soak my eye in the lotion.. the first 10sec, it feel really good! But after that it start to sting and feel abit sore again! And my eyes still feel really dry and painful!

I was wondering... do I need to get those eyedrops that was meant for "red eyes"? Will that help?