3 Winners of KOSE SD$100 Products voucher


I have a hard time picking up 3 winners for this contest (Click in to read all the interesting tips)

I love reading all the tips...  almost all of you are my friends(thru this blog) who I've know and met for sometimes now... so to be fair.... I ask my friends to help me choose... ((no bias here)).. all winners win it with their good tips and hardwork in trying the tips given by Niu Er!!

And by asking my friends, who are not so into skincares/makeup... cos they can voice out their comments on each tips more clearly then me.... (as most of you know la... I'm so into skincares/makeup.... so some of the tips might look normal to me.. but very fresh and interesting on others! lolx)

So we decided to choose:::
->> 1 interesting tip comment/blog entry,
->> 1 interesting blog entry and
->> 1 comment/blog entry on how they feel after trying Niu Er tips.

One of a tips I blogged before:
A Weird tip on fading old acne marks/scars

On clean face, put a tape on the acne mark and peel the tape off. Apparently.. the tape help to remove the top layer off the skin and with that gone... the scars heal more faster... (I did tried it.. It kinda faded abit.. but I always forgot to do it the next day... lolx) 

For those who didn't win.. no worries.. I will come out with more giveaway soon!

Winner #01 (jashinloki)
Nice.. so many ways in using green teas (Easy also... lolx)

Winner #02 (Hazelnutt) Very details with pics entry on one of Niu Er's tips. (Clear and sharp- We like~)


Winner #03 (miwitch)
Her thought and explaination on using Clear Lotion(cleansing water) were very details... and I do found out that alot of ppls donno how to use clear lotion the correct and efficiency way. You would love this extra step in your skincare routine once you do it right.. for me, I can't live without clear lotion(cleansing water/peeling water) (I also include the other steps from her comments.. )

Jones: You should do a blog entry plus pics! It would be even more interesting. (If you ever do it.. comment here)

Please email me (everbluec@yahoo.com.sg) your full name and NRIC/Passport nos ASAP (Thanks)