Promotion KOSE Mask White


From 20th to 22nd August 2010 - KOSE Mask White is having a buy 1 get 1 free promotion (at any KOSE counters).

Ingredients list:

->> Personally, I haven't try the mask yet... I'm abit skeptical when it come to peel off mask that was meant for deep cleansing(I will try them next week after the beautytalk workshop). ^__^  

->> My advise, don't change your skincares routine a week before your big day or have anything important where your need your face to be normal (Eg: Before Party, photoshoot and while travelling). Now you know why I didn't try this! ^_____^

Since this Mask White was already highy raved and it was also recommended by Mr Robin Niu(Niu Er) for Singapore .. with this promotion, it's a good time to try it.. share it with friends.

(Niu Er have listed out 8 products that suit Singapore's weather.. I was going to blog about it.. but I have no time.. Will update soon, I promised)

Here's are some infos on SEIKISHO Mask White SD$35
It's a black mask that whitens the skin, it's a unique 2-in-1 whitening and purifying black mask. A Powerful facial pack that removes old keratin, dirt and blackhead in the pores and at the same time whiten the skin.

Interesting right... when I see that it can remove blackheads... I"M SOLD..lolx (can't wait to try it....)
Anyone tried this before?? Share it with me.