Everyday minerals Itahake Brush! Part 2 ^__^

Remember how excited I was when I saw the new everyday mineral Itahake brush?

After some suggestions ... I join a spree thru smoochiezz. (Cheaper then getting it myself thru edm website... since I'm not ordering abunch of stuff! lolx)

The synthetic Bristles was really soft.. just the same as their other brushes.
Here's the comparision
 The bristle of Itahake brush wasn't as firm or dense compare to their other brushes(or any other brands).
It's flat with round edge.. I can see myself using this for:
-> Blending out foundation for a flawless finishing(??)
-> contouring
-> cheek's highlight
-> finishing (setting) powder
I'm not really sure what other ways I can use this for since I just received this yesterday! I have to try it out first(lolx)
I deep cleanse it.... like their other brushes, no bleeding and shedding (LOVE)