Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Coloring workshop for Natural and Cool browns/blondes.

Ming(miwitch) ask me whether I'm interested in coloring my hair afew weeks ago... I say "OK"(it's free ... all I have to do was sit there to be their student's model) and this workshop was held by Goldwell with Rodica Hristu, award-winning Canadian Colorist (She say I have very good and pretty hair.. keep the base dark! lolx)

So I pop over there this afternoon(should be yesterday 17Aug2010) around 1.30pm and it end around 5.15! (Well.. my student colorist was very funny la... talk talk talk and keep joking around! lolx.. so the 3hrs+ was bareable!)

Ming was there with me.. waiting waiting and waiting, cos we going to see Aaron Kwok's movie preview later in the evening ^__^ The movie was so funny! And Aaron was so cute! hahahaha.. I like .... so to me.. he's cute and sexy! :P
Before hair dye
(previously, I dyed with Liese bubble hair dye in Ash brown.. but it look abit reddish on me!)

I leave my fate to "him".. Just told him "not too light!"
Dark cool tone brown as base - light and medium brown highlights
He complaints about my hair volume... (lolx.. just joking la..hahaa)
Check out my "NEW" style (OMY!)
Can't remember what he was saying... but I do remember it was funny! lolx
Something like chasing my colorist out..
I know, I have thick volume of hair =_=" I don't need "two" dryers!
I was using Anna Sui Duo eyeshadow palette(Love the blue sheen!!!)
I'm using Kate gel shadow as base...
Wore this makeup from 11.30am to 11pm(almost 12hrs with no creasing at all)
OMY.. the color wasn't that "GOLD".. I will take a shoot in daylight tomorrow!

I enjoy the workshop alot! Thanks Ming for asking me along and helped me to book the slot ^__^ (Well.. I return you with free movie ticket right~ heehee)
Edit: I add in one pic(below) that I took today(in daylight)