Anna Sui Autumn Collection + Road Show @ Wisma

I was so late in blogging about this.. <s>but today would be the last day of (eye's makeup demo)</s> Anna Sui road show at Wisma!(Level 1) Until 18th Aug 2010. The set up was very pretty and very girly <3

I learned about this roadshop from the Anna Sui Party, I've attended on Friday(Pics taken on Friday too.. Will do a seperate post on the party) This roadshow will be showcasing their full range products but the MAIN would be the New Fall Collection 2010 with reformulated ingredients and products casing(correct me if I'm wrong.. lolx) The new range included 7 Duo and 25 single eyeshadow.

New collection Range

There gonna be makeup demo by Anna Sui makeup artist today from 2 to 3pm
 SD$250 Hamper

Anna Sui Party entry coming up next....

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