A Collective Hauls + Gifts

Last Week, went to collect my Prize at Shiseido Office. I won the Majolica Majorca Chapter 27's Giveaway.
LOve the Pink in the Blooming Dream Eyes palette

The Press Kit Box was huge!
Here's the comparison

Elfaine(Fr3b) passed me my reward
Hada Labo face mask

Collected the Sleek Limited "Circus" on Saturday
Thanks Kas for holding the spree ^__^

And Kas surprise me with this.....
My birthday present!! lolx (First bday present in 2010!!!)
I'm a November baby! So this is a 3mths plus early present!
Thank You so much Kas "kisskiss"
The print on the mug was so cute la! <3<3<3

After trying the Kate Gel shadow, I fall in love with it!!! LOVE it so much that I keep going back to Watsons to get another shade(lolx)

I got the Pink (PK-1) SD$14.50
and a yellow eyeliner (The color don't come out nicely on my lower lash line- bummer!)
Liner: SD$7.50 / Pen case SD$2.50)
PK-1 Gel shadow swatches
The yellow liner don't show up well in picture... I will try to take pic in bright day light tomorrow.
Kate Gel Shadow in brown (BR-2) SD$14.50
And Yesterday(4th August), I got the blue one (BG-1)
Kate have a total of 8 Gel Shadow
White, Grey, Pink, Blue, lavendar, BrownPinkish Brown and Gold
I feel like getting the Gold and the white one(See first.. lolx)
Sally Hansen Diamond Shine base and top coat (SD$17.90)
Sally Hansen Miracle Cure For peeling nails (SD$17.90/SD$13.90??- sorry can't remember the price)
The Miracle cure, does work wonder... it doesn't peel as much as before. (I have hard nails.. and everytimes I cut my nails... it kinda break on the tip of the nails, so after sometimes... my nails will start to peel(Hai~)!!! OH, this can be use as a base coat! <3<3<3
Elianto nail polishes (Chinatown point open a new outlet!)
SD$5.50 and SD$2.50 each
I LOVE this hotpink polish(it have pink and blue mica/glitters)
Elianto Bake blushes in Mable (SD$12.90)
Close up
Mentholatum new releases..
Mentholatum Mogitate White Peach (SD$5.90)
Mentholatum Deep Moist Natural (SD$7.90)
Mentholatum Mogitate White Peach (This belong to my sis)
(Click on the pic to see the full size)
Mentholatum Deep Moist Natural
This lip balm contain Hyaluronic Acid and Avocado oil!!! (I can feel the moist already! lolx)
3M Acne Patch (SD$7.95)
This is good for huge oily bump!
My younger sis bought the Heavy Rotation Lip concealer(SD$14.90)

Bigen Hair dye(for grey hair- got this for my mum)  (SD$18.95)
Free a LE mini flat iron
The hair dye was pretty good... I can't find a grey hair on my mum's now!
Compare the mini flat iron with my newly bought Bourjois eyeliner
Bourjois (SD$13.90)
Nature Republic Pearl liner(SD$8.10)
And the SA was so generous, he gave us alot of samples!
Yesterday, MY sis came home with this...
I can use it without spending my $$$$$ (lolx)
And lastly... my sis fave foundation! Loreal True Match!
A combination of my sisters and my hauls.
OK... Going to remove my chipped neon pink polishes and try the other shades! ^__^