Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5 winners for the Physiogel Goodies bag!

I have a total of 147 comments (Each page have 50 comments.. only the last page(which is the 3rd page)  have 47 comments.. easy for me to count! lolx)

OK.. here's the 5 winners... (Using Random.org)

I'm going to email you all soon.

If you didn't get the emails.. Do email me with your:
1) Full name
2) Contact nos

This giveaway was meant for my readers/followers only
For silent readers, if you won the giveaway.. do forward the notification of this entry to my email(so that I know you are my silent reader ^__^) together with your Full Name and Contact Numbers.

(Please reply me by Wednesday.. if I didn't hear from you.. I will pick another winner)

After confirmation:
All Winners can collect their Goodies bag any time at OASIS INTERACTIVE (S) PTE LTD, 
The Emerald House 10A Institution Hill Singapore 239664


 Edit: Update from Physiogel: (What's in the goodies bag)
-> 1 X Lotion 200ml
-> 1 X AI Sun Cream 50ml (expires 21/10/2010)
-> 1 X Cream 75ml
-> 2 X Cleanser 10ml

Monday, August 30, 2010

A box of makeup goodies <3

Who doesn't love coming home to a box of goodies and it's makeup/skincares???  (I guess for those who are not into makeup! lolx) I also love coming home to my 2 doggies(peapea and buibui)  jumping at me <3<3<3<3
Before I start... I just show you abit of the gummy bears!

On Friday afternoon.. our furbaby gave birth to 5 babies (We didn't knew she was pregnant!!!!!)
Check out the mummy hamster tired face.. she's bringing her first born to level 2 of the cage!
(At these point.. only 1 baby)
Check out the rest here
OK, now back to the box of goodies from Japalang
She gave me my fave eyebrow's liner! (Thanks Sharon)
On the right: K-palette Waterproof eyeliner in Deep Brown(New)
Ranked #1 in Japan "ranking ranQueen"
K-palette WP Eyeliner in Deep brown (SD$19.90)
Will be available at SASA on September 2010 (I think I saw this in NAC's watsons)

OH MY GOD Perfect Gel:
6-in-1 solutions!
1) Makeup removal: Apply on face and wipe it off with cotton pad (Wash off is not necessary)
2)Facial Cleanser (3) Toner (4) Essence
5) Emulsion (6) Moisturizer
This contains Hyaluronic acid, collagen, ceramde(that moisturizes the skin) and have Angel Berry Fragrance.
Will be available at SASA on Sept 2010 (Price unavailable)

(Click the above pic for bigger size)
K-paletteTeka Mat Powder (SD$19.90)
SASA in Sept (YOu can get this at major Watsons store.. like NAC outlet)
I got this mat powder for about 2months(??) I hardly blot my face... but I do use it on times when I need some touch up.. I avoid areas inbetween my nose and mouth.. cos it abit dying on that area for me (I guess the oil control was kinda good?) . Cos everytimes I applied over to that area.. it start to feel really drying..(so I suggest to apply on T-zone and avoid using oil control products around drier areas.

TOFU Professional Makeup sponge
Can't wait to try these kawaii sponges!

Shirokuma -kun
Will be available in Watsons and Sara around mid- Sept 2010.
Price: SD$11.90
Will be availabe in SASA and Watsons around Sept 2010 (PriceSD$11.90) (Will talk more once I try it)
And check out the lovely and personal letter from Sharon.
cute right??? lolx

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration

Sunday, August 29, 2010

8 KOSE Beauty Essentials Singles-Out by Niu Er (牛爾)

Beauty Guru Robin Niu (牛爾) handpicked out 8 essential KOSE beauty products that are suitable for Singapore's Women.(According to one skin's type and concerns.)

Niu Er's (牛爾) TOP 8

#1) SEIKISHO Perfect Cleansing Oil (SD$35)
(Good for Blemishes Skin type)
->Removes waterproof makeup thoroughly
->Focus on impurities in the pores such as blackheads and whiteheads

Niu Er's Tip
(Remember:: Face have to be clean when you do the masking with cleansing oil.)
PR Film = Cling Wrap that we use to wrap fruits and vegetables to keep them fresh. (Just cut a small piece)

My Personal tip:
Rinse off makeup/cleansing oil with room temperature waterl. Face feel much smoother and clean! If using warm water, before we can rinse off the makeup/cleansing oil.. pores already opened and dirts might clog into the pores(if you never rinise thoroughly)

One of the reasons many peoples complaints about using cleansing oil causing break-out was because they never rinse off the oil thoroughly. (Try using room temperature water and keep rinising it until it's not oily anymore before using your normal cleanser.)

(Tiny Review: I tried this cleansing oil for about a week now)
-> it's thicker then normal cleansing oil.. feels more like gel...
-> easy to massage all over the face...
-> remove waterproof mascara really well(especially Majolica Majorca mascara)
-> Doesn't stink my eyes...
-> Rinise off really fast (doesn't feel oily at all).

#2 SEIKISHO Mask White SD$35
For Large Pores
- It's a Black mask that whitens
- a unique 2 in 1 Whitening and Purifying black mask
- Powerful facial pack that removes old keratin, dirt and blackheads in the pores
- Whitening formula of uniquely effective Japanese and Chinese herbal extracts.
- Refined Pores

Niu Er's Tip:

I personally haven't try this Mask White yet.. I heard that it peel off very cleanly and it pull off tiny facial hairs too! (Ouch.. Pain first then beautiful and smooth skin.) This was highly recommended by those who have tried it! (Hmm.. I must be mentally prepare first! lolx)

#3 SEIKISHO Clear Lotion SD$33
(For Dullness skin to normal skin)
A gentle exfoliating lotion, it has mildly alkaline properties which gently yet thoroughly remove dirt and keratinous cells which are in excess, helping skin recover it softness, translucency, brightness and fineness.

Niu Er's Tips:

My tiny review:
This feel like cleansing water from Uriage and Peeling water from SANA (the texture feel more like sana peeling water).. feel abit gel type of watery(do I make any sense here??)

How do I use this type of cleansing water/lotion? Well.. I normally use it in the afternoon/before heading out(I only use water to water my eyes/face.. then use cleansing water to cleans my face)

First.. soak a cotton pad with clear lotion and pad it all over the face first (this is to soften the white/black heads) then you start to gently massage(using the cotton pad) in circular motions and focus more on T-zone. You can continue with your skincares routine without washing off.(it's up to your choice to rinse it or not.. I prefer not.. cos skin feel really soft and supple.. I don't want to wash off the goodness)

I love it!!!! For me.. I'm someone who can't live without cleansing water/clear lotion... cos when you gently exfoliate your skin daily using clear lotion(or any similar kind).. you won't need to use scrub(which is really harsh on the skin especially for blemishes/ sensitive skin).

#4 INFINITY Lotion Concentrate 14 (I & II) SD$78 each (Just Launched last week at Takashimaya's KOSE Counter)
A concentrate lotion which supports the skin function by retaining moisture in 14 cornified layers of the skin, strengthening the skin's suppleness.

#5 INFINITY Vital Comfort Mask (box of 5sheets) SD$92 (Launched last week in Taka KOSE counter)

A serum-intensive Mask that brings firmness and translucency via compounded moisture retaining ingredients such as Edelweiss, Acous Calamus, Kokeiten extracts abd Alikai hot spring water. It seals, soften and energizers the skin in 15mins.

I haven't tried this yet (cos I'm doing the SANA one month challenge.. I don't wanna use a new skincare/moisturizer.. I will start using this soon(in Sept)
Now the last 3 would be makeup! 
#6 ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS Heart Graphical Mascara SD$31
(Launching in Sept 2010)
A mascara with a specially developed Tail impact brush that can navigate awkward angles and reaches out to eyelashes on the outer corner of the eye, bottom and shorter lashes.

#7 ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS Dual Lip Pencil SD$31
(Launching in Sept 2010)
A lip liner that controls the form and provide a 3-dimensional appearance using the effects of light; it is also a lip concealer that smoothens the corners of the mouth, correcting uneven tones with light reflection.

#8 ESPRIQUE PRECIOUS Face styling powder SD$51
A face color set with 2 colors that create light and shadow with highlight and lowlight colors.
(In another sayin.. this is a contour powder set)

I can't do tiny review on the lip liner and mascara as I do not have it.. but I do have the contour powder.

swatches(with flash)

swatches (without flash)

-> The powder was really fine and soft...
-> doesn't look too harsh on my fair skin..

Contouring my face is pretty new to me... I'm still learning and getting use to it (so far, I'm not hating it! lolx)

KOSE also gave me a lip gloss to try... I haven't use it yet :P

My recommendation: Clear lotion and Perfect Cleansing oil! (You can never go wrong with these 2 products ^__^)

Do join the KOSE Contest to win SD$100 KOSE Products vouchers.

All you gotta do was to share with me your beautiful tips.. leave as many comments as you like with different tips (I will pick 3 interesting tips/winners)

Closing date for the contest : 31 August 2010 - 23.59hrs

Disclaimer: Goodies bag from KOSE, I am not affiliated by KOSE.
Information extracted from press file.

Friday, August 27, 2010

LOTD: Purrr.. Greyish

I'm using Anna Sui Eye Color Duo #06

The Texture of the eyeshadow was creamy and smooth.. easy to blend ^__^
(Who doesn't love blendable eyeshadows? lolx)
I didn't crease also (LOVE)
Swatches (With flash)
Swatches without flash
Products used on my face:- L'oreal Paris UV perfect (MAT) SPF30 PA++
- Skin79 Diamond I Collection BB :The Prestige Beblesh balm SPF25 PA++
- SANA Natural Resource Loose Powder UV SPF19 PA++ (To set the bbcream)

- MAC instant Chic as blush
- Gransenbon Grand Decollete Luxury - Silk Moon (#01 Yellow) as cheek's highlight

Products used on my eyes:
- MAC Paintery Paintpot as base
- Gransenbon Grand Decollete Luxury - Silk Moon (#01 Yellow) as brow's highlight
- Anna Sui Duo eyeshadows palette #06  
  • Using the purple on the lids up to the crease(blend out)
  • Using the light blue on top of the purple(mix and blend out)
  • (Mix both on my lower lash lines)

- Bourjois Khol & Control Ulter Black as liner/lower lash/tight line/water line
- K-palette Real lasting eyebrow 24h in 01 shade
- Kate eyebrow color in LB-2(brow's mascara)
-Majolica Majorca lash bone black fiber in (base)
-Chaarming Cat waterproof Mascara(Gift from Amy)
-Nature Republic Eye lover pearl pencil on inner corner of my eyes(brighten up)
(Item highlight in blue are products provided by the company for consideration)

The mascara was pretty neat...
The brush was very firm(coat lashes well)
Without flash
Nails swatches on Anna Sui Nail Color N 108
Without flash
I applied 3coats.. cos I wanna have the gel nails type of effect! (I know.. glitters are a pain to remove! But it was worth it ^__^)