Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Part 2: Chrome Intensity Bloggers' Party

Check out Part 1 (The goodie bag)
On Saturday(5th June 2010), Few beauty bloggers and I(and friends) were invited by L'oreal Paris to attend their Chrome Intensity Bloggers' Party. The party was held at Fika (Swedish Café & Bistro) a cozy cafe located around Beach Road.

Pic taken from Fika website
Pics... bloggers...
(left side)June, Joyce, Jones(miwitch)
Right side: Michelle(icefrost), Kim(rainyyday), Joyce Sept and Verlyn(luvverlyn)

I brighten up the pic below(cos I'm too far back! lolx)

Kim looking so cute here!
Ming and me
Julyen(MUA) and me ^__^V
Another shot...
Mag, me and Kas
With Iris
Ming and me.... (I love the pink butterfly!!!)
Joyce Sept, Verlyn and moi
(don't make me laugh before a shot.. my eyes would disappeared!)
The food(I have grilled chicken... but the meatball was so yummy-not pic-cos it's not my main~ heehee)
potatoes wedges(I love potatoe but I don't like wedges... lolx)
We have some shot around the cafe~
(Such a cozy place!)
That day sure was a humid and warm day!!!! I sweat like melting butter... even inside the cafe, I still feel really warm(except Joyce Sept... She too tiny to feel the heat! lolx). 
I enjoy the party alot and thanks L'oreal Paris for the invitation! ^__^