Friday, June 25, 2010

Nails: For Audrey + a tiny haul

My Nails of the day or two or three....(lolx)
(Without flash)The color was quite true ...
It's babyblue <3
And a forgotten tiny haul
3 eyeshadow brushes
I found these at..... (Guess where????)
Cash Converters!
I was passing by Jurong East's cash converters that day and saw a tray full of brushes... so I went in to check it out! To my surprise it was only SD$2!!!! (I guess these were the left over clearing stocks when Missha closed down back then??)

As most of you know that Cash Converters doesn't always sell 2nd hand products! They have alot of new products too, which always flying off the shelve really fast!