Sunday, June 13, 2010

A media session with Kevin - Taiwanese Celebrity Makeup Artist/stylist

On Friday(11 June 2010),  I was lucky to be able to attend a media session with Kevin(All thanks to Mag) at Marina Sq.

I was abit late.. so missed the beginning.. Mag told me, I didn't miss out much.. cos when I reach he just started not long! "Phew"
Well... I keep too focus on listening.. I didn't made any notes... Check out Mag entry on the session for more tips from Kevin!


For those who doesn't know him.. here's a quite intro::

Kevin was here in Singapore to promoto the Popular Korean Makeup brand L'egere and to conduct extensive makeup demostration that incorporate expert application tips for flawless skin.

swatching the bbcream
Breathable and light bbcream! Doesn't made your face look like a ghost

Doing kungfu! Nah~ just kidding!
I don't remember what he was talking about when I took this pic! lolx

The media session was really relaxing and fun! He share alot of tips with us even though it's a short session(cos he have to rush off to the stage area for the demo)

Kevin is very knowledgeably about makeup and beauty.. whenever someone pointed out somethings and he will answer it with confidence!!!! And he shared all his tips in his new books!!! (Too bad it's in Chinese.. someone should translated it to english so that it can benefit more peoples.

He also very friendly and OMY... his skin is so so good!! Flawless can!!!!! Envy~ And his tips for good flawless and smooth skin... "water, exercise, moisturizing and sleep"!  (We all know that... but it just so hard to keep up! hahahaha... )

About the brand

Here the goodie we received

The new book was a set of 2 books. But they gave us(Mag and me) both the same copies! Luckily... we found out during dinner time and also we both getting the different one!! lolx (So we swap ^__^)

This is the limited edition set of Finishing powder which come with a free BBcream sample
Retail at SD$38.90 or SD$39.90(sorry can't remember)

After the session ended... Mag and me went to John Little to check out L'egere!

Kevin rave about it and since I'm planning to get a cooling mist...
It's a good time to try it ^__^ right???

((I tried it last night and today!! LOVE IT!!!!!))

Tomorrow would be your last chance to catch Kevin makeup demonstrations
(13 June 2010)Causeway Point, Main Atrium(Outside OCBC) level 1 from 2-3pm

Right now John Little is having storewide 20% discount! A good chance for you to try out the products or re-purchase!!
I personally never tried any products from this brand before...
I will be trying the bbcream and finishing powder soon(look out for the review)

OK.. gonna end this post with a cute pic!
Mag and me ....


I will come up with another entry after I finished the books to share some of his great tips. 

Disclamier: I am not affiliated with L'egere nor John little.