Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A tiny haul: AquaLabel, Fasio brow mascara and random stuff....

- Sally Hansen Nail polish remover (2 for SD$8.00 @ Sasa)
- Sasa eyebrow razor (SD$1.80 @ Sasa)
- Made in Korea Tweezer (SD$1.55 @ Sasa)
- Fasio Brow's mascara (SD$13.00 @ Guardian)
- AquaLabel Whitening Deep clear oil cleanser (SD$18.50 @ Tampines Mall Atrium Watsons sale)
- Hada Labo Hydrating Face wash 2 tubes (SD$12.90each @ Watsons)
(For my mum and sister - mine already finished and I'm using Aquamoist cleanser now)
Some close-up of the stuff I got ^__^
Aqualabel whitening Deep clear oil cleanser
Can't wait to try this..

Fasio Brow mascara

They have 2 shades : 301 and 300
I got 301- which was a golden yellowish brown
Where 300 was a bronze reddish brown

I love the brush applicator! It's a brow's comb brush!
The formula wasn't watery(I like)
301 was very similar to Maquillage brow wax in 77
(I'm SOLD when I swatched the fasio brow mascara- I love the color!!)

Here's the compare swatches
Maquillage brow wax 77 and Fasio brow mascara 301
Fasio one are more yellowish
With flash
Without flash
With flash
Without flash

I tried it today and I like it alot!! The formula wasn't watery (unlike Dariya Palty brow's mascara or MAC brow set).. more like Maquillage, just a bit more drier. I think it was because of the brush applicator.. it doesn't grab alot of the formula and it comb and coat my brow's hair really well!!! The color wasn't that shimmery or goldish when it's on my brows!! (love it)

LOTD: Magic Amber

Products I used::

Products use:: On Face
- L'oreal UV perfect (MAT) SPF30 PA++ -
- Skin79 The Oriental Bbcream
- Silica Loose powder to set (Not in the pic)
- Bobbi Brown Peach corrector for undereye dark circles
- liquid Lip smacker
- MAC Prim & Proper blush
Products use:: On Eyes
- MAC Indianwood paintpot as base (Up to my crease- above my double lid fold)
- L'oreal Open eyes Chromo intensity : Magic Amber
1)Using the "Addictive yellow"  on 2/3 of the lids(from inner out) up to the crease
2) "Magic Amber" on the outter half of the lids and blend into the  "Addictive yellow" and crease
3)Use the "open highlighter" as brow's highlight and blend it down to the 2 shades around the crease
- MAC chromagraphic pencil in (NC15-NW20) on waterline
-Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Zero on tightline
- Use the "Addictive Yellow" on the lower lash line
- K-Palette 1 day tattoo liquid Liner in Jet black (waterproof version) - Layer "open deep brown" ontop of the liquid liner
-On the brows.. K palette 24hrs tattoo brow's liner(shade 01) to fill up my brows
- Maquillage Brow's wax #77
- Majolica Majorca Lash bone (primer- for the curl)
- K-palette Long lasting waterproof mascara
(Products hightlighted in blue were given to me by the company)

Without flash

With flash

(Oops... My nails color matching my top! lolx... the nail color was more darker and neon!)

Check out the L'oreal Blogger Party
Check out the goodie bag + swatches from the 4 limited edition Chromo Intensity Palettes

I'm not affiliated with the company.
Product was provided for consideration

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Lip smackers + review and Skin79

Last Friday, I received the parcel from starasia(Skin79 and Lip smackers).

The Lip smacker package.
I love the personal touch! (So cute)
The Lip Smacker Trios SD$15.90
A lip smacker(lip balm), liquid lip smacker(lip gloss) and Rolly lip smacker (a roller liquid gloss/balm)
Check out the ingredients list
Lip smacker
The scent: It smell like coca-cola, very refreshing(I LOVE IT)
The taste: It's sweet... doesn't taste like coke... just sweet (lolx)
The texture: It's creamy.. doesn't feel waxy like a regular lip balm. (Kinda feel like cream on my lips.)  I tried using this as an overnight lip balm(I wear this to sleep)...  doesn't feel thick and very moisturizing! Oh and it's quite lasting! Making my lips feel soft.
I like the texture so much...  I'm going to get the Fanta:Orange and strawberry! ^_^
Liquid Lip smacker
The scent: It smell like vanilla coke, milky sweet scent and  very refreshing(I LOVE IT)
The taste: Doesn't have much taste... but it have a tiny hint of a creamy coke taste
The texture: It's very creamy (abit oily)..  not waxy or sticky at all! (Same as the lip balm... feel like cream on my lips.)  This is more creamy compare to the lip smacker(the lip balm version: mention above)..
Not drying at all(for both lip smacker and liquid lip smacker)... After the gloss wore off(or lick off), my lips still feel moist and soft. (Most of the lipbalm I've try, all feel abit dry after wearing the balm for awhile)
Rolly Lip smacker
The scent: It smell like coca-cola, very refreshing(I LOVE IT) The stronger scent compare to the two version above.
The taste: Taste like coke without the soda(gas??).. this is sweeter compare to the two version above.
The texture: It's creamy(abit oily).. doesn't feel waxy or sticky at all. (feel like cream on my lips- same as the other 2)  ...  doesn't feel thick and very moisturizing!  The creamy(oily) texture was lighter then the liquid lip smacker. It in between of lip smacker(lip balm) and the liquid lip smacker.  The metal ball is very cooling! I like~ I feel instant refresh when I roll this on my lip!

Lip smacker is available exclusively at all Guardian stores

2nd item in the parcel:::
Skin79's The oriental Shimmering bb cream (part of my goodie bag item)
Price: SD$35.90 (Watsons)
The brush head can be remove for deep cleansing!

I haven't tried this yet.. just cleanse the brush.. Can't wait to try this out.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Review: Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Mask
-> Fragrances Free
-> Mineral oil Free
-> Alcohol Free
-> Colorant Free
-> Skin pH balanced.
-> Low Irritationg


I was masking the mask upside down! This was a tip given by Kevin(Taiwanese makeup artist).
He said that applying skincares while being "upside down"(was that how it was said? Correct me if I'm wrong),it will boost up the blood circulation and enhance the absorption of the products into our skin.

No need to stay in the position for long...  just 1 to 2 mins will do.   Personally, I find it very relaxing... I was in that position for like about 5mins and almost fall asleep(lolx) and both my doggies were sniffing my wet hair under my bed! (They are having fun playing with my hair! lolx)
The mask was really hydrating and very soothing! (so relaxing)
Doesn't sting my face especially around my chin and the skin around my nose. I always experiences stingy sensation for around a min whenever I do a sheet mask or wash off mask(no matter what brands). And this Hada Labo mask was the FIRST that I don't feel anything(LOVE IT)

After 15mins.. the mask still feel really moist, so after removing the mask, I massage the essence into my skin and when it start to feel abit dry/sticky(not really that sticky.. the stickyness was the same as their Hydrating milk)... I start to pat my face until the essence was fully absorbed.(I prefer patting then massage.. cos less tugging on my skin (You can do whatever make you feel comfortable ^__^)
After everything was adsorbed, skin feel really smooth(silky smooth) and supple. It last up to 3 to 4days(Impressive!!!!)! Normally the moisturizing factor for a piece of sheet mask won't last that long... mostly around 1 day - some just a few hours! That's why, I always prefer wash off hydrating mask- because the moisturizing/smoothness last longer! 
This is a wonderful discovery for me(lolx)... because I'm lazy!!! Without the fuss of washing after masking and applying skincares... I can see myself using this mask more often.. instead of doing any mask(wash off) once or twice a month! lolx :Þ
If your skin is de-hydrated and in need of intense moisturizing, before putting on the mask and after the lotion add on the essense! The mask will trap/lock all the goodness into your skin.

cleanse -> lotion -> essence -> mask

I really love this mask... Joyce Sept told/warn me that the mask was really sticky! Hmmm... I don't find it too sticky! I kinda LOVE the texture and the soothing feeling when I have this mask on my face. (lolx) I very much prefer the thickness of the essence in this mask compare to alot of sheet masks I've tried so far(mostly korean masks.) Well.. it's all personal preference. 

Review on the Hada Labo Hydrating range.
Check out the Hada Labo Launching party.
Hada Labo's Singapore website 
You can get Hada Labo products at all Singapore Watsons outlets.
Price: S$21.90 (A box of 4 sheets)
Wanna try Hada Labo?
Now you can redeem HADA LABO 3pcs sample from fr3b.
(Click on the pic)

A cute pic....

I am not affiliated by Rohto-Mentholatum Singapore, all reviews published here were base on my own opinions and experiences. The products were given to me to try/reviews.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Nails: For Audrey + a tiny haul

My Nails of the day or two or three....(lolx)
(Without flash)The color was quite true ...
It's babyblue <3
And a forgotten tiny haul
3 eyeshadow brushes
I found these at..... (Guess where????)
Cash Converters!
I was passing by Jurong East's cash converters that day and saw a tray full of brushes... so I went in to check it out! To my surprise it was only SD$2!!!! (I guess these were the left over clearing stocks when Missha closed down back then??)

As most of you know that Cash Converters doesn't always sell 2nd hand products! They have alot of new products too, which always flying off the shelve really fast!